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Great platform, easy communication with designers, everyone was so responsive and receptive to feedback. I may still need to adjust email notification settings, but notification emails could've been better. Didn't even know my designer uploaded the source files until I logged back on. Either way, will definitely have to host another contest in the near future.

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Winning design #40 by Meow, CD Cover Design for Powerhouse Recipes Contest
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designed by Meow

Project description

Let me preface this description by saying that this will be my first experience in hosting a contest, so please feel free to let me know additional details you'd like to know to help design this. Because of this, I will keep this nice and short and be as active as I can in answering any questions that you all may have.

I need an eBook cover designed (to be published via KDP - guidelines can be found here ). This will be a low carb cookbook providing over 40 snacks to the customer. 

For the most part, the contents include a color scheme of #f88c00 and #222222, with the first color being the primary color with very little of the second color.

Lastly, the cookbook contains over 30 recipes that have 5g or less carbs. This will be an important piece to market, so I will need a "stamp" of sorts that states "OVER 30 WITH 5G OR LESS NET CARBS" - similar to a best seller's stamp or a "100% money back guarantee" stamp. If you need a reference of this, please refer to: http://www.amazon.com/Carb-Living-Slow-Cooker-Cookbook-ebook/dp/B00MTC0I4U 

Title & Subtitle of this cookbook is: Low Carb Recipes: 40 Mouthwatering Low Carb Snacks To Keep You Satisfied Throughout Your Busy Day

Author: Powerhouse Recipes

Please let me know what other information you need to get started. Thanks and good luck!

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  • Hello, CH!
    I have submitted design #45. I'm looking forward to hear your opinion.

    Thank you
  • Update. #40
  • This looks great, can you enlarge the author name, show a preview of the cover that is 125 pixels wide, and submit the flat cover that is not angled/3D. #31
    • About #31, @admin_phr

      Hi! You will see the full design if you click on the thumbnail. I'll send the revision.

  • Not a bad cover, but the subtitle and author name is a bit difficult to see. Can you perhaps adjust this and submit a preview that is 125 pixels wide as well? #37
  • Dear Contest Holder Another design with seal #30
  • Dear Contest Holder This design is with guarantee button #29
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Please Provide me the feedback and this design is with guarantee button let me know the changes for the design

    CSS Chimp #28
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Please Provide me the feedback for the design and let me know the changes for the design #27
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Please Provide me the feedback for the design and let me know about the changes for the design

    CSS Chimp #26
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Please provide me the feedback for my design and let me know the changes for the design #25
  • Hello,
    Please view the design. Your feedback is precious for me to understand your preference.
    Thanks&Regards #24
  • Great cover - can you get the title and subtitle to pop a little? WIth the platform I'll be publishing the book on, the user will need to be able to see the title and subtitle on a thumbnail sized at about 90-125 pixels wide. #1
    • About #1, @admin_phr , thank you for your feedback. I have increased the font sizes of both the title and subtitle. Please have a look at it #23 . Thank you.

  • Title and subtitle does not capture my attention and graphics aren't necessarily relevant to the recipes. Great clean concept, however. #10
  • Not a big fan of the graphic in the center and it isn't very relevant to the "low carb snack" theme. Subtitle is a little too tough to read as well. #9
  • Graphics do not fit the description of the book and the overall "low carb" theme. Don't like the font either. Great concept though. #7
  • Not a fan of the extra colors and don't like the placement and type of font. #5
  • Didn't like the cursive here and I'm not looking for any photos on the cover, just custom graphics. #4
  • A little too many graphics, looks a bit disorganized. Not a fan of the extra colors as well. #6
  • Hello, admin_phr! Here is my entry #2. Please take a look and let me know, what do you think about it!
    Thanks & regards
    • Hi! I added little bit changed versions #15 and #16. Any feedback from you would be great. Thank you for attention. Best regards

  • i can change all the foods with the ones that you want #14