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So far this has been a great experience. This designer did a great job of picking up the theme of what we wanted and put together designs that were just great. I highly recommend using this designer. He was most helpful wth any and all changes that I requested. Thanks for your great work.

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Winning design #9 by moonart, CD Cover Design for Stage 2 Planning Partners Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

I'm putting together a CD and cover package for one CD and a 4 panel cover design.  This will be coming from Stage 2 Planning Partners.  Website is

I want to match the color palette with our website colors.

I've included templates for design and a package I had done for a similar project with a different use.

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  • Hello ch, please check my new design background more financial hopefully you like. #10
  • Another design variation hopefully you like appreciated feedback again thanks #8
  • Hello ch, Thank you so for feedback also rating, please check updated design hopefully you like. #7
  • because of your target audience for this package i tried to make a more friendly but classic style of design. hope you like it
    Sajad #6
  • This entire package needs to be a high resolution one of at least 300 DPI.
  • The three areas of expertise: Financial Planning: Learn why you need to have a financial plan if you want to create a business that allows you to leave on your terms. One one Mentoring is fine. Change mastermind group to Investment Management: Your investments are what's going to get you to retirement and beyond. Learn how our bucket system allows you sleep soundly.....even when the market turns against you. #4
  • About Josh Patrick: Josh has been obsessed with how to help private business owners create sustainable businesses. He is a well known thought leader on what it takes for you to create a financially and personally sustainable business. #4
  • See my general notes about what goes on this page. #4
  • Please change the font to one that's less blocky. Text below Josh Patrick: Financial Planning for Private Business Owners. Smaller font: Learn what might keep you from leaving your business when you want, to whom you want in the way you want. #4
  • This is the CD Cover for English Vocabulary and Grammar. Can you please send more samples? #5
  • Please check my designs, i have proposed the concept of the cd cover on your contest. and let me know if there are improvements you want.
    Best regards,
  • Your entries are not even close to what I'm doing. Please look at the sample cover and design something that fits that mold. I'm not doing a music record and you're not following the layout that I've provided in the notes.


    Josh Patrick #3
  • I made the music album...3 Cool Long. There are 15 tracks. And there are few artists songs. #3
  • I made a CD Cover image. This is the DVD Game poster from Road Rash Bangladesh. #2
  • CD Cover for F/A-37 DVD Game. How's this? #1