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Winning design #27 by wildwesthaven, CD Cover Design for The Gringo Kings Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wildwesthaven

Project description

Latin/jazz band featuring alto sax, tenor sax, trombone,  2 trumpets, bass piano and drums playing original music and jazzed covers. 

High energy, sultry, cool, sexy and playful. 

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  • Love it! Please put "Ed Harlow" above the right wing and loose the "and". #27
  • About #24, @wildwesthaven
    Also, what do you think about coloring or putting a pattern on the body in some way?
  • About #24, @wildwesthaven
    I like #24 and #25. I like the smaller body a bit more. I like what you did with the acoustic bass scrolls as antennas, though I still love the 3 cymbals from the original. Could I see it with the cymbals for comparison?
    Also, I should have mentioned that I would like to have my name (Ed Harlow) on the CD cover as well, perhaps above the right wing. Font...what do you think?
  • The body of the butterfly is a bit larger than the design with the green background. I wanted to show you both options. Please let me know if you have any other concerns or changes. Thank you. #25
  • I like the both the simplicity of #1 and this new sky background on #21. Of all the fonts, I prefer that of #1 as well. I'm not crazy about the conga drum butterfly body on #21, but I do appreciate the effort. I know I limited the choices I gave you to our instrumentation. Perhaps a few stylized, different sized top-down views of a snare drum. Here's a example of one snare drum from the top with the lug casings showing:
    And a bass scroll and fingerboard sticking out the back? #21
    • @edharlowmusic Thanks for your feedback. I will go ahead and make those edits to both #1 and #21. Question: Do you need to include any further information on the cover? Name of "album", musician names, hometown....? You may want some of that to appear on the reverse side or the inside but I thought I would confirm. Thanks again

  • I do like the abstraction that you have come up with on this one. There's a lot of motion and and color which appeals to me.
    Not crazy about the font. #2
    • @edharlowmusic - Dear, this design as all others from the same designer were copied or stolen, therefor we had to remove them all. DC Moderator

  • I don't like this. Looks like clipart for a school concert. #7
  • I like all the little guys on this - it's cute. Instead of little white men clones, I would prefer people of different colors and both genders. #12
  • I like this better than #18, but I'm not crazy about it. The asterisks make it look like a Christmas album. Also, the G clef is backwards. I do like the stylized instrument drawings. #16
  • Thanks for submitting. I'm not a fan of this. To me, it makes it look like an educational CD for school kids from the 1990s. #18
  • I like it al a lot! We don't have a guitar, though. Could you substitute another instrument that we do have for the body? #1
  • Please note: This is a rough design. I apologize for not sending a complete design at this point however, I would like your feedback about the concept. If you like it, I will continue with additional design details and background concepts. If this is NOT the direction you had envisioned, then I will try something else. Thanks so much. #1
  • Several questions...

    Where can I hear your music?

    Are you the same Gringo Kings that do country music?

    Do you have anything in mind for the cover?
    • @weiesnbach Hi, You can hear some of our older tracks here: We are not the country band, but the Latin Jazz band called The Gringo Kings. Some ideas: -A tribute feel of the old cuban bands would be cool. But we're a bunch of white guys, and I don't want it to look like something we're not. -A jumble of our instruments could be cool (trumpets, alto and tenor saxophones, trombone, piano, acoustic bass, drums). -A mashup of American flag with one or more of the following: Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela or others from South/Central American -Same as above with our band instruments lined up or jumbled

  • Do you have an existing logo for the logotype for The Gringo Kings?
    • @wildwesthaven Hi, No, we do not have a logo. I do have a somewhat outdated website that you are welcome to check out if it is helpful: