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Winning design #17 by UmutAta, CD Cover Design for Top Cheddar Beats Contest
Gold Medal

designed by UmutAta

Project description

I am a hip hop/electronic/pop music producer looking for digital album art (a single image, cover art) for the distribution of an instrumental beats album on Spotify and other digital streaming services. My producer name is Top Cheddar; the mix tape album name is "Cheezy Beats". I'm not trying to overdue the cheese theme, so the art doesn't have to feature a dairy product or anything. That said, if done well I'm into it. Looking for something light and fun; I still want lyricists who may want to rap over the instrumentals to take it seriously, but I like to keep things light, fun, and eye catching.

I'm pretty open to ideas - I love colour, and I love creative and artistic designs. The image I attached is a very simple design a friend of mine did; I'm not looking for something similar per se, but I liked the thematic approach and level of playfulness. 

For this design, obviously something that catches your eye and is memorable is key. That's probably the most important - flex your creativity and art, give me something that pops!

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  • I really love this. Hits my 90s nostalgia hard, love the color!! #18
  • I want to participate, but the time is winding down. I may have something should you decide to extend it. Thanks :)
    • @graphman Thanks for reaching out! it costs extra to extend and there's been some great submissions (it's already going to be super hard to choose), but anytime you can reach out to separately. I'm open to seeing any ideas, I'll probably be needing more artwork for singles and different socials/online platforms so if you're into those kind of projects I would love to see what you do. :)

  • Updated version with more hip hop/urban visual, i hope you like it. #40
  • Dear Client, Thank you for the positive comments on my previous submission. I modified the previous design. Please have a look if this could serve your purpose. #35
  • Dear Client, Here is my 2nd design for you. If you have any comments please let me know. Thanks #27
    • @Tanveer03 Thank you for the submissions - I like the theme you've chosen, but it feels more like a dance/00s album cover rather than a hip hop beats cover. defs hold onto the design if you ever need it for something more like that.

  • Hello ;)
    Please feedback! #33
    • @iboginich cool theme but I'm going for something that says hip hop more. thank you!

  • Hello this is my entry for the contest, please give me a feedback if you like it or not, if theres anything you want me to change/edit just tell me.

    I'm approaching simple/clean modern look i hope you like it.

    Thank you #34
  • Hello this is my entry for the contest, please give me a feedback if you like it or not, if theres anything you want me to change/edit just tell me.

    I'm approaching simple/clean modern look i hope you like it.

    Thank you. #32
  • This one's pretty sweet too. I wonder if adding a brick background with a more similar texture to #17 would make it look more legit? #16
  • Nice, I like the hip hop themed lettering and overall design. What if we tried out different background colors to see if it makes it pop? And the "top cheddar" at the bottom, would it look better if you gave it some depth/made it more artistic? Thank you for the submission. #30
  • Here is the mockup version of my design. #28
  • Dear Client, I hope this design meets your requirements. Comments will be much appreciated. Thanks #21
  • My second design cd cover. I just trying to give you more option. Thank You #20
  • Hope You Like my Design and feel free to hear your feedback. Thank You #19
  • About #11, @derry cool idea - same comment as your other one, any way to add some depth or spice it up?
  • About #10, @derry cool idea with the repeated lettering. I wondering if there's a way to get that looking a bit more playful/artistic?
  • I really love the direction you took! Good call on making the "top cheddar" lettering consistent with the underlying background theme. The main logo is awesome the mouse with the headphones and cheezy beats lettering! I'm wondering what ideas you might be able to come up with that give the background a more consistent look; we've got the 80's themed grid and letters, but a more like 90s/modern circle background on the title letters? Thank you! #15
  • #9 @iboginich delete this please) I want to load the version with the background
    • @iboginich done :) I really like what you've done with the lettering. thank you!

  • Nice, I like the theme and color choices. I like that you added in my producer name - but I think the style doesn't mesh super well with the main title - maybe try to rework that? Either way thank you for your entry :) #2
    • @Stasys Hi there, please check new design. Your comments or suggestions are very welcome! All the best!

  • More "cheezy" color :) #5