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Winning design #17 by UmutAta, CD Cover Design for Top Cheddar Beats Contest
Gold Medal

designed by UmutAta

Project description

I am a hip hop/electronic/pop music producer looking for digital album art (a single image, cover art) for the distribution of an instrumental beats album on Spotify and other digital streaming services. My producer name is Top Cheddar; the mix tape album name is "Cheezy Beats". I'm not trying to overdue the cheese theme, so the art doesn't have to feature a dairy product or anything. That said, if done well I'm into it. Looking for something light and fun; I still want lyricists who may want to rap over the instrumentals to take it seriously, but I like to keep things light, fun, and eye catching.

I'm pretty open to ideas - I love colour, and I love creative and artistic designs. The image I attached is a very simple design a friend of mine did; I'm not looking for something similar per se, but I liked the thematic approach and level of playfulness. 

For this design, obviously something that catches your eye and is memorable is key. That's probably the most important - flex your creativity and art, give me something that pops!

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