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Project description

We are a medical practice that helps people with simple, in-office snoring solutions.

We would like a character created that will be used in marketing efforts to help promote our brand.

Style guidelines:

  • Character Color: Red
  • Type of illustration: We would like to see a variety of illustrations to choose from.

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  • Hello, keeping both characters quite minimal, for easy adjustments of gestures etc. The top is a pillow character (sleep theme). #25
    • @ADVENTWI are you after character or person just sleeping im confuse.

  • Since i understand The Breathing Triangle is the main concept of solution of this issue, i need to incorporate the concept which translated to triangle as basic form. then, as marketing tool, this character must be able to simulate the solution by itself, that is the reason it has nose and mouth on face. I wish you like this character. #27
  • I came across your contest kinda at the last minute. I will further work on this with more poses and stuff if you're interested on my character concept. Looking forward to hearing from you. #26
  • Hello,
    I have added 2 hands and 2 legs, the initial concept in red, can be a character. The use of hands like that illustrates your good brand, while the feet use boots, because the target market is already full of office employees, all made original without taking pictures on the stock, I hope you like, and success for your company. thank you #23
  • About #5, @Phouii
    This is clever with our logo incorporated. Is it possible to include two legs?
  • About #20, @hollacimen
    Thank you, I like the nose in the character. Is it possible to show with two legs and two arms?
  • if you want any change, I will done #22
  • change any time any kind #21
  • Hello,
    I have designed a custom modified nose to be a character, this character is very suitable to be the mascot of your product, hopefully it fits my design, thank you #20
  • Hello,
    I have designed the custom nose to be a character, hopefully it matches my design, thanks #19
  • About #9, @logoeditor07
    Thank you. I like the nose, but we are looking for something that can be made into a mascot/costume and used digitally in social media. It could be a monster/gremlin/made up character with legs.
  • About #11, @logoeditor07
    Thank you, but we are looking for a character that is not a person.
  • About #15, @ekobudhi69
    Thank you, but we are looking for a character that is not a person, more of a mascot (made-up animal, monster, gremlin, etc.)
  • About #18, @hollacimen
    Thank you, but we are looking for more of a character that is not a person.
  • Halo,
    saya telah merancang karakter pekerja kantor yang tidur dan mendengkur, semoga cocok dengan desain saya, terima kasih #18

  • Hello !

    this is my mascot design, hope you are happy with this.
    I am ready to revise as you wish

    thank you! #14
  • Hello,
    I have designed the character of office workers who are sleeping and snoring, hopefully it fits my design, thank you #13
  • hi, this mascot design inspire by rabbit, as we know rabbit is symbol of the fast animal, so it can present your company that work fast. And i make the rabbit ear bigger to indicate that your company listening to costumer problem. Thank You #8
  • Simple one expression in eyes and hands. #5
  • Good Day! thank you for the nice feedback. I made his glove and shoes red and made it stand out more. Its all vector files. #4