Caribbean Popeye

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Project description

Flexing pose, with navy Dixie cup hat rolled at the top, with corn cob pipe in mouth. If there can be a tearing off of the uniforms to signify shearing military and transforming in to the civilian sector. 

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  • I like this one but he seems a bit massive. Not sure #20
  • Please take a look if it's like that?

    Thanks, #26
  • About #13, @senadneslan_juventus
    Looks like a broke character from South Park
  • I look nothing like this... #16
  • Now he looks like a midget.
  • He looks too happy.
    Looking for gym angry. Longer arms. #19
  • No CP and no undershirt.
  • The character seems like a little dude. I’m 6’5” and 146kilo #19
  • Good day, pls. see my design #15 and add your comments or suggestions. thanks.
    • @clair_arts Thanks but that looks nothing like me.

  • I love it. If you can change the blue shirt, and put the eye back to what it was. I was looking for a angry face, normal with a wink looks weird. This is a pretty nice design overall. #17
  • One eye closed almost like a wink. Just like popeye #10
  • And if you can turn the head or tilt head down or away just a little bit #10
  • If you can fix the stance? Don’t want a pose. #10
  • I love this but the arms are not showing. Want to see bulging arms ripping shirt open. Love it still. #8
  • I love it. Can you make the rip look real? Or no? Hands ripping the shirt open... #7
  • Superman ripping open his shirt to reveal the words the letter c’ and p’ and change the uniform color but keep the hat.
    Need sailor on one side and American army uniform other. #3
  • Dixie cup hat. Tilted to the side corn cob pipe in mouth. #4
  • Slightly wider body. I am a endomorph and that guy is skinny buff. I am big buff. If he can be ripping the uniforms off, more chest. #5
  • If the two uniforms are combined and tearing apart. #1
  • No thumbs up just upper torso. Not the lower.
    Uniform looks generic. And I am ripping off the uniform. Sailor on one side, soldier other to a built chiseled chest. #3