Daisyokogyo inc.

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Project description

waste management & recycle

pipe cleaning
sewage vacuuming service
energy recovery from garbage

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  • @ Contest Holder for #9...I applied a more Asian resemblance if preferred ?

    I will check back for feedback shortly

    • @satoichik...I am exLdesignz some how my old account (exLdesignz) got mixed up...so my designs are under that name for this project.

      So if you left any feedback please direct it to this account (Logolab77)


  • Simple, three color logo. Would also translate well for 1-color screen for pens, apparel and other novelty items. My philosophy is that your logo does not need to show exact images of what your company does.. but rather convey a certain feeling to pique curiosity. #10
  • @ Contest Holder,I applied a more Asian resemblance in this one if that is preferred ? #8
  • @satoichick Note: as favored in your design brief,I applied a classic approach.(colors and style)
  • .............................................
  • Hello @satoichick,here is what I put together based of what I could guage from your design brief and based off of your platform

    I provided three variations...spent some good time on it,looking forward to hearing back.

    I'm on deck for feedback.
  • @satoichik
    Hello, this is my proposal
    I would love to know your feedback
    Thank you
  • Daisy-chan #2
  • Hello, @satoichik san.. can you describe more about what you're looking for..
    What kind character?
    Or maybe you have some example of styles?