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We were thrilled with the creativity of the many designers that participated in our contest. The winning entry had so much personality in addition to artistic talent.

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Winning design #22 by milos008, Character Design for Educational Puppies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by milos008

Project description

We are looking for 8 cartoon puppies for children's (ages 5-10) educational materials. The artwork will be displayed on various children's games. The puppies should be smiling and illustrated in different poses. Below are the descriptions of the puppies. 

1. Golden Retriever Puppy with a Blue Bow Tie
2. Dalmatian Puppy with Red High Top Basketball Shoes 
3. Black Lab Puppy with Purple Glasses 
4. Beagle Puppy with a Yellow Backwards Hat
5. White Poodle Puppy with a Pink Bow
6. German Shepard Puppy with Pointy Ears and a Green Bandana 
7. Pug puppy with a Checkered Scarf
8. Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy with an Orange Winter Hat

Please feel free to place all 8 puppies in the same image entry. Please place the corresponding number near (but not on) each puppy.

Thank you for your help!

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  • Hello there @teacherspets hope you like my designs, I have given every pup its own personality,if you need any changes please let me know and ill send you the revisions asap

    Hope you're having an awesome day!!!
  • Hi man, I don't think I'll have time to finish all 8 puppies until the deadline... but if you like my work please let me know and I'll make the rest in the same style until tomorrow #36
  • Thanks for fast feedback :) #22
  • About #21, @milos008

    Wonderful updates!

    Great updates!

    1. Perfect
    2. Perfect
    3. Perfect
    4. Great changes! Thank you!
    5. Perfect!
    6. Perfect
    7. Awesome changes! I think his eyes should be light blue and there should be a little matching light blue color to his scarf as well.
    8. Great updates!
  • Hi, I have made corrections.
    Comment if some more changes are needed.

  • Bigger & clearer entry #19
  • Hi, i hope you like it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you :) #18
  • Hello,
    Here is the finished one. I hope you like it. Any suggestion for improvement is welcomed.
    Greetings miHIGH #16
  • About #14, @millagraphic

    Nice updates!

  • About #15, @milos008

    Great updates!

    1. Perfect
    2. Perfect
    3. Perfect
    4. I like his ears down from the previous one, but I like his smiling face! Can his tongue be in his mouth and his eyes be looking up more (they seem a little crossed)?
    5. Perfect!
    6. Perfect
    7. I think it looks too much like a bear. Maybe a toy poodle puppy or a gray husky puppy?
    8. Great updates! The eyebrows look much better! I think the paw is not visible enough though. The puppy's other hand has a white and orange pattern at the bottom, but his waving hand does not have that pattern. I think it causes it to blend into the face too much.

    Thank you again for your amazing work!
  • I have made the changes.
    For the seventh dog I used Boo. #15
  • Hello,
    Here is the first one. The update is to help you making an idea about how the finished artwork will look like.
    Regards miHIGH #13
  • Hi, let me know if you need me to change anything at all. Thank you! #12
  • About #10, @milos008

    Wonderful updates!

    1. Perfect!
    2. Perfect!
    3. Perfect!
    4. Can this guy look happier?
    5. Great update!
    6. Perfect!
    7. This is improved, but we still have mixed feelings about this one. Perhaps you want to try another small dog breed with the same scarf?
    8. He looks a tad bit angry. Can you adjust the eyebrows? Also, he has the same stance as (1) - maybe this guy can be lifting a paw?

    Thank you again for your great work!
  • Thanks for the feedback, I have made the changes that you asked.
    Comment if some more change are needed.
    Work is in done as vector. #10
  • Hello Dear Sir
    If you find my characters need any changes to be at your taste
    please give me your notice to edit them time after time with pleasure until they'll be as you want
    I'm at your service
    best regards
  • Hello, I truly love your contest from the first moment that i seen it. I made a sketch here about what i'm going to draw. Hope you like it already, and I hope you'll like it after I'll done it in Illustrator.
    Have a nice day,
    Regards Voivod Mihai (miHIGH) #7
  • Hi, opinion needed for this kind of cartoon. Do you like this style?
    If yes i will continue to draw the rest of those 7 breeds.
    Thank you very much. #5
  • Need feedback first please.
    Thx #4
  • About #3, @milos008 - Great work! Here are some puppy specific comments:

    1. Great. Let's see with an open smile (i.e., with tongue)
    2. Maybe add eyebrows?
    3. Perfect!
    4. Perfect!
    5. Can you make this one a little smaller? More eyelashes?
    6. Perfect!
    7. Least favorite one, looks a little too much like an "old man!" Can you try again on this one?
    8. Can we please see the hat more "fitted?" Also, can we have a white spot on the tail?