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Project description

Hello lovely Designers,

we would love so see some suggestions for a new brand character. There are nice information and references for you so that you can complete this job at perfection!

We are an e-commerce agency from Germany and plan to create an online shop which sells hedges (plants).

We want to build a brand character which is an expert in gardening, more accurate in growing and cultivating hedges.

Our brand character is a guide which supports our customers during the whole customer journey (information, buying, planting, cultivating).

Fortunately we already have online-shops with similar brandings and characters. So that you can easily take a look at them and know directly what style we want the new character to have (cartoon-like):

Example: Rollrasen Rudi

- grows turf and sells it online at www.rollrasen-rudi.de
- take a look at the character attached

Example: Holz Harry

- produces wood briquettes and sells them online at www.holzharry.de
- take a look at the character attached

NOW WE NEED: Hecken Helge

What do we expect of Helge?

- he loves his job (growing and cultivating hedges, gardening)
- he's 100% likable (people must love him :-) !)
- he has similar style and especially eyes to Rudi or Harry (see attachment)
- he's tall and a little lanky/gawky (with a hint of a tummy), but professional
- he's at the age of 50 - 60
- he holds a manual hedge clipper
- please look at Rudi and Harry to get a feeling of his appearance

GOOD TO KNOW: There's more to do!

For the contest we need only one suggestion for "Hecken Helge". But after finding the final character we need it in many poses like holding garden tools, cutting hedges and so on. Moreover, we also need Harry and Rudi in more poses. So there are many follow-up orders for you. :-)

We look forward to expanding our character family and getting your suggestions!

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  • Changed eyes a little to better match the style. #65
  • here my character, more simplified.. #55
  • Hello,

    One more slightly changed illustration.

    Regards. #54
  • Hello,

    This is my third attempt.

    Flomerine #49
  • Hello,

    This is a variation of my first illustration. Please feel free to give your opinion.

    Thank you. #47
  • Hello,

    This is my first design. Please take a look and inform me if you would like any changes. Thank you.

    Flomerine #46
  • Hi

    This is a concept mascot for Hecken Helge. Please leave a comment if liked this.
    And if you want some revision about this tell me directly and i will fix it as soon as possible.

    Best regards

    Yudaharv #44
  • My take on a concept for Hecken Helge! Feel free to contact me for any changes. :) #43
  • Here a new update... If you like the character, the color of the clothes can be changed to your liking. #42
  • Hello! I'm proud to introduce you, Hecken Helge!

    Hope you like my Vision for Mr. Hecken. Thank You! #40
  • Here my PJ in the new Color, more Green... And with your icon with name.!! #39
  • @info278...Hello I spent some good time working on what I submitted.

    Would you be able to provide any feedback regarding any tweaks of preference to the character.

    Much appreciated.
  • Hello, we se that the deadline for the contest has been extended, we would like to know what was that something missing from all of the designs from the first round, is there something special you like that was not depicted?
  • -------------------------------
  • Follow up to #30...lighter color in the cutters,sampled the letter "H" in the hat and a slightly shorter neck #33
  • Dear
    here is my vision
    If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.
    We are looking forward to your suggestions!
    All the best... #31
  • Follow-up to #21...Minor touch up and worked more on the eyes #23
  • Hello,here is the character I created based off of the preferences from your design brief.

    This particular posture could be used a stand alone or with the bush...I created and displayed an emblem style similar to what the other characters have.

    I'm on deck for any tweaks of preference

    Looking forward to hearing back.
  • flat design character like you hope
    hope you like this #17
  • Here the Version2 of My "Hecken Helge" PJ #11