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Winning design #71 by sk88, Character Design for Contest
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designed by sk88

Project description

I am looking for a character that will act as a mascot and logo for my personal blog I want a really expressive penguin or anthropomorphic penguin character that will be able to take different poses including potentially holding items. Some of my hobbies include photography, video games, travel, anime, dungeons and dragons, and computer security.

One thing that is really important to me in the designs is keeping with the colors of king penguins. I really like their distinct orange color and the fade to yellow on their chest and the penguin character should feature this color scheme.

There should be no lettering in any character designs.

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  • 2 #86
  • ini adalah penguin dengan karakter playtfull #85
  • Have all the pictures in pdf) #73
  • Suggestion are very welcome, thank you. #67
  • Simple, adaptable, expressive. #57
  • I hope you like it.
    helmet to represent games.
    jetpack to represent travel
    cute eyes anime version
    kpg simple logo #54
  • I've corrected lapses on my work, here is a new one, so take a look #36
  • @kingpeng
    Hi !
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Please check my entries #41 and #42
    Thank you.
    Sincerely , Cezar , @ArtAct

  • #41
  • I like this concept of a dragon/penguin combo. Can you try to make it more penguin like though? #27
    • @kingpeng sure! Could you see my work #40 and #43? Thank you.

  • I like the expressiveness of the penguin. Try it with a crown. #19
    • @kingpeng Hello Ch, thanks for the feedback. Yes I'm going to make a changes for this and also going to make another submissions of design, Once again thank you, All the best!

  • Can you post one without the ring? Not sure I like that accessory in particular. #16
  • I like this one, but it does not have the coloring of the king penguins. #25
  • Basic inking of character. Let me know if you like it and I will add depth and maybe clothing if you like? #29
  • @kingpeng
    Hi , again !
    please take a look at my new entry.
    Hope you like it.
    Sincerely , Cezar - @ArtAct
  • @kingpeng
    Hi !
    Please take a look at my entry #18
    I hope you like it.
    Sincerely , Cezar - @ArtAct #18
  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. #17
  • About #6, @Ctwo I like this the most of your submissions. It needs to get the coloring of the king penguins added.

    I do not like the glasses on the penguin. I do like how the face of the penguin could potentially be expressive.
  • About #11, @senadneslan_juventus My favorite so far. I really like the colors of the penguin and the quality of the design. Nailed the look of being able to have various things.

    My only complaint is the the penguin itself is not going to be able to express emotion very well if I wanted like a happy and sad emotion.
  • please check out my first designs and if you have any suggestions please let me know #6 #8 #9