Mammoth Mug

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Project description

Looking for a character design of a "greek goddess statue" style who is very muscular and sexy drinking out of a mammoth mug all of which is in stone graphic

If you view our instagram @themammothmug and see the demographic of active females using our product this might help you get an idea of the market and help you with design..ultimately getting the edge to winning this.

To see our product feel free to view

This will be printed on crop top and tshirts for limited edition style print of your design.

Design the following:
"Stone Style"
"Greek Goddess/Female"
"Muscular & sexy"
"Action/Post  drinking out of the Mammoth Mug"
"Show the Mammoth Mug with logo facing in the goddess mouth (as shown in example attachment)
"Size in which would print on a t-shirt, tank, or crop top"
"Aggressive and attractive"

Attached is the following:
1) our logo along 
2) a female statue you could use somewhat for reference we found as a trophy.  
3)Another attachment is the greek god Perseus who killed medusa in status style to give you the stone look we are seeking
4) actual real life photo of female in a decent pose drinking out of mammoth mug 

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