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Winning design #51 by monski, Character Design for Nordic Fighter Contest
Gold Medal

designed by monski

Project description

Hi, we are looking for a masculine mascot that can represent our company in a nice way.

You can check out our site here

We sell martial arts, fitness, crossfit and gym products to individuals and businesses.

We want a human character that you can continue to build on, such as by changing his clothes and so on. The character should be easy to recognize although he can one time wear a karate Gi, the next time wear an sleeveless T-shirt and do barbell workouts and at another time he can be without any shirt at all doing crossfit excercises.
Therefor we want to be able have an ongoing cooperation with the winner of the Contest for this. Because we would like to have this mascot in new outfits doing different things in the future.

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  • hope it will be fine, thanks #56
  • Here is the preview of the detail . #46
  • For the second design, I play with his hair because I am inspired by my favorite Nordic footballer Henric Larsson.
    I also show you that my character can wear different clothes like you wish.

    Please leave feedback for improvement.

    Thanks #45
  • Hi,

    This is such an exciting contest since I love designing mascot.

    Here is the first Nordic guy.
    I love put detail and gradation to make it stand out.

    Let me know what you think.

    Agung #44
  • Hi Monski, can we see him in a G.I and MMA syle? #36
  • with humble smile. working on other pose. #37
  • Looks good, maybe a bit less "cocky" and more humble. #7
    • About #7, @alexander_hjelm sure:) sorry for a late reply. I was out of town. Happy New Year !!!I will do changes and show you

  • About #36, @monski In long hair with beard
  • Hope you like 3d #33
  • Nordic Fighter (normal mode) #31
  • How would he look like in a G.I or with a barbell? #26
  • It looks to macho, more friendly would be better. #30
  • sorry, forgot to put some detail on the tank top
    also i made some new versions
    thanks #21
  • revised design with longer beard also new version wearing tank top #20
  • Did he not have longer beard before? #18
    • About #18, @alexander_hjelm
      Actually i made a new character, the last one with long beard considered a copy so i can't use it, unless you want me to, but it will be different shape of beard of course

  • To much muscles and dont seem to friendly. #17
  • Can we have a G.I example or a boxing/mma? #7
  • Greetings, vector clear version of my concept #19
  • Really nice work, how would he look like with boxing/MMA outfit and gloves? #9
    • @alexander_hjelm Hi there this is admin Sharie, this entry has been removed as it is a copy of entry 4 and 5

  • please rate and feedback sir :)
    hope you love it... thanks.
    best regards from me :) #16