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Winning design #22 by untung, Character Design for Phoblution Contest
Gold Medal

designed by untung

Project description

A mascot for a company that provides a solution for people with phobias through hypnotherapy recordings.

The problem with marketing a product for people with a severe fear of spiders is that you can't use a picture of a spider. So I want a mascot that can be used again and again in future projects to help illustrate things. E.g. mascot using bug spray, mascot wearing a parachute, Mascot with a candle in the dark etc. 

It should be a monster, NOT a scary one but a cute and funny one. What form that might come in is up to you! 

So let's continue the spider example and make this first project a picture I can put on the product page for an arachnophobia solution. You cannot show a spider anywhere in the picture.

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  • Loving it so far! Can I see a version without the fang? #21
  • Pretty cool, I like the style and the sassy expression. I'm curious about how it would look if it had a snout like a dragon. #16
  • A great start but needs to be more friendly/less creepy. You can probably achieve that by making the facial features more symmetrical and losing the fang. Also the claw is partially missing on one side. #19
  • two versions for the mascot, holding candle and using bug spray #16
  • 'Fobe' in the dark, with his candle... #13
  • ... and when 'Fobe' finally overcomes his fear, he relaxes, his antenna turns green... and he is good to go! Go Fobe! #10
  • When 'Fobe' relaxes a little his antenna softens and turns amber... #9
  • Meet 'Fobe'... terrified of his own shadow. Bad teeth due to his fear of the dentist. His fobeantenna turns red at the sight of something scary... #8
  • Hello! I just post some of my designs. Hope you'll like it. Give me feedback :)