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Winning design #51 by cpgraphics, Character Design for Political Fodder Contest
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designed by cpgraphics

Project description

I am creating a conservative (right leaning) facebook page and I want to create a cool banner for its name:  Politics By Steve.

It will be an opinion based page that discusses politics.  

I will be posting things to help educate people on history and commentary on issues occurring in both state, national and local issues.

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  • This one has an interesting mysterious background. #96
  • This entry is more simple, but I think it's effective and representative for your domain of activity.

    Thank you, Mr. @saintorstever.

    Yours sincerely,
    Christian #95
  • One more with an interesting background pattern made from USA flags, Mr. @saintorstever #93
  • Mr. @saintorstever, this has a vintage look. #92
  • I have more for you, Mr. @saintorstever,

    The same modern, clean look and minimal style. #91
  • Hello, Mr. @saintorstever

    Hope you have a wonderful day. First of all, thank you for your rating.
    Now, I made a new text arrangement for you. What do you think?

    Yours sincerely,
    Christian #90
  • Used this free for commercial use stock as well: https://pixabay.com/en/obama-barack-obama-president-man-356133/ #89
  • politics by steve #87
  • politics by steve #86
  • politics by steve #85
  • please give me rating or feedback, thanks CH
  • i hope you like this design and please give me rating or feedback, thanks CH

    best regards
  • Here is my work. I hope you will like #47
    • @saintorstever Thank you a lot for the rating I am glad you like! Tell me what I can do more so that it better suits you

  • I hope this satifies your desires sir #10
    • @engypolo If only we knew why our designs were eliminated it will rilly help us to do better. To deliver to you designs of your hearts desire. It takes time and dedication to do this and then it just gets eliminated

  • politics is like a spider....... #70
  • #69 For your consideration. Please view and rate my design. Thank you.
  • open for any modifications or suggestions #61
  • Hello, i try to make another creations , I hope you interest, thank you. #53
  • Good evening, Mr. @saintorstever

    I made a simple, modern looking banner but with a deep message. The rubik cube signifies strategy and I think that this is the best message that your page can send.

    Also, it is easy to read but the color palette is strong and deep for the viewer.

    Feedback and rating are highly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,
    Christian #51