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Winning design #18 by senadneslan_juventus, Character Design for Ridgeview Eye Care Contest
Gold Medal

designed by senadneslan_juventus

Project description

we are an optometry clinic adding a sub-specialty in myopia control for kids.  we are wanting to create a fun cartoon superhero (similar to SuperWhy -will have to google it) that will help us brand and market this piece of our office/practice.  we would like to see a "gender-neutral" character.  His/her name is Mighty Eyes.  we would like to see some versions with a head band on the character w/ "Mighty Eyes" on it. We would like to see the eyes be prominent like SuperWhy and would  like to see our logo or a "cartoonish" version on the chest.  Lastly, we would like to see blues and greys as color scheme. 

I can provide logo files if needed.  

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  • Hello,
    the characters' "pointing" stance express the phrase "clearly, I see!'... my idea of well, Mighty Eyes! I hope you like it. Cheers!
  • How I enjoyed this revisions very much. It is really fun doing this. #23
  • This has been drawn manually with a pen tablet, please give feedback, would appreciate and work on it, thank you :) #22
  • a call to action motif. #20
  • About #17, @senadneslan_juventus
    looking great. can we see a version w/ no glasses and the eyes to not be as round/circular? thank you!
    • @ridgevieweyecare Hi there, please check new design.Eyes no circual...i hope you like it!

  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, let me know please. Regards, Kristina. Thanks. #14
  • Mighty eyes #13
  • Mighty eyes #12
  • really looking good! is there a way to make the characters looks a little "older"? thank you! #8
    • @ridgevieweyecare I hope you like new design. If I change more then it won't be the eyes be prominent!

  • would it be possible to also have girl version created with pink/greys and longer hair? thank you! #4
  • I am open for any comments and suggestions sir.
    Thank you. #5
  • looking good. like the version w/ gray t-shirt and blue shorts. can we see less shadowing effect on face, arms and legs. can we also see a version where the smile shows some teeth? thank you! #3
    • Hi there, please check new design. Your comments or suggestions are very welcome! All the best!

  • A neutral gender Mighty Eyes super hero in blue and grey. Emphasis on the eyes. Font is Adca. #2
  • Great start! can we see the design w/o the face mask/goggles and instead a head band that says "Mighty Eyes"? would also like to see skin tone a little more "tan" and no freckles. #1
  • posted jpeg....let me know if you need another format
  • Hello can you add Ridgeview Eye Care-logo -brief!