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Project description

Dear All,

We are a software development company located in the African market (more specifically in Angola) and we develop custom made software for small banks for more than 20 years.
We are currently competing for a new project on a Bank, they are looking for a solution, a PTM (Personal Teller Machine) Kiosk, with some functionalities like:

    - balance inquiry
    - transactions history
    - deposit (notes and coins)
    - transfer
    - tax payment
    - services payment (electricity, telecommunications and others)

To do this project we have a multi-disciplinary internal project team.

We need some help also in terms of confidence, safety solutions and the best choice of technologies to achieve a great user experience. Perhaps if you have some know how on the best technologies we should use to implement this solution we are open to consider some suggestions.

 Waiting for your offers.

Thank you and good work.

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  • Hello @luisdiastobe,
    Quick reminder:
    If you are not yet satisfied w/ the outcome of your Design project, you can extend its time to receive more creative submissions.
    You can also invite some designers you see can bring added value to your Design project.

  • Hope you like the design and please provide valuable feedback #50
  • #41 #42 #43 #44 #45 & #47
    Color code: FFD700, 00FFF8, 000000, & 7C7C7C
    Font Use: Microsoft Himalaya
  • Kindly review the layout.... #46

    Teller live feed will be visible in the Main Screen where the STOCK picture is there....

    Following screen His/Her voice will be audible giving instructions and interacting with the user....

    Going back to main screen ....teller live feed will be there....

    As this is a PTM....Teller will be visible once card is inserted and pin entered.
  • Hi, My name is abdou and this is what I propose for your project. It's modern and professional. Please let me know what you like and dislike about the design. I'm happy to further refine it based on your needs

    Please rate my design and tell me for required changes.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/ #37
  • Greetings, My entries are as follows,

    #29, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36

    I tried to implement a seamless and aesthetically pleasing design whilst maintaining a good usability and experience for old users and new coming users. Please do review them and give me any suggestions and recommendation. Thank you for the opportunity and your time.
  • Hi, My name is jati. This is the design that I have completed. Hopefully this design can make you interested. If you interested and have a suggestion, I am open to it. thank you

    Image Stock Link :

    Balance Inquiry icons link :

  • My name is Ronit and this is what I propose for your design contest. I have kept the design modern without compromising it's simplicity.Hope you like the design and feel free to contact me if need any changes .
    Thank you. #25
  • What changes can i make? #24
  • Deposit (notes and coins) page #21
  • Transactions history page #20
  • Balance inquiry page #19
  • Hi CH,

    My 1st design in your contest.

    Please rate my design and tell me for required changes.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/WebStar #18
  • on a machine #15
  • kindly review my layout so that i will make the rest....
    the stock image is a representation only....this can be the place to stream live video help by representative....also the layout is user friendly..... #14
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    AS per the Brief seems to be be a DESIGN ONLY contest....with suggestions on technology to program thats it ?????????
  • Does the final file needs to be coded or can it be a psd design file with editable layers?
  • Hi @luisdiastobe, thank you for the rating #2, I am very glad you like my design and original ideas. I submitted a design with more screens - #11 and #23, I hope you like it too. If you want any changes, feel free to say
  • Greetings CH
    I'd like to know if you need UI design for the bank teller software or you need a full code implementation. I can provide do both the UI design and code implementation in Java. I've worked on similar projects as what you desire. I have projects on a vending machine, cash register, and online banking all done in Java. If you only mockup I can design it in illustrator. I look forward to your reply shortly in order to get started.