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Winning design #2 by HappyGD, Desktop Software Design for Modern UI / Desktop App Design Contest
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designed by HappyGD

Project description

We need to have a proper design for a web app that we currently mocked in Powerpoint (will be provided). This PPT contains about 15 slides. The final app will have about 5-6 screens but with context sensitive elements. we would prefer a workflow based UI, i.e. screens should not be clogged but the interface should behave like a wizard or an MS Modern UI app.

- Design should be flat and should be Modern UI / Metro Style (using this as a design language and tiles / colors)

- The final result has to be much more designed, modern and homogeneous than now.

- We would also need a clickable HTML(5) prototype of the design, please let us know how this can be achieved

- Internet connection does not matter for the project, so has to work just within a browser but does not need to connect to a server (could even be local files)

- This does not need to be a fully functional HTML 5 page, after all it is a prototype / screen design, so it would be more like mouse over / clicking / moving to next screen
- If you cannot deliver HTML5 then please suggest providing something that we can edit easily ourselves (e.g. a Powerpoint again)

- GAIN is the name of our product

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  • Please remove whole line of text and replace by Header "Audit Trail" with a lense icon to the left #44
  • Please add header "Golden Price" #44
  • some changes to this design #49
  • please also make the background behind the numbers white #46
    • @martin_buchberger Here it is #48

  • Desktop App Ui Design #47
  • can you please instead of having recurring names on the checks use the following list of checks: Absence of data check Price variation check Price date check Stale price check Price type check Benchmark check Currency Check Quote type check Materiality check you can just randomly chose which checks to show as failed thanks #42
  • please remove the orange from the icon since now it can clearly be distinguished from silver copies #42
  • Can you please give the whole chart area a white background, including the price and percentage movement above? #42
  • please make X within circle white #42
  • this should just contain as many rows as needed by data #42
  • Dear martin_buchberger, designers are not allowed to provide you with mockups before finalization. But you can pick the winner, get source files and request minor changes.
    • @OlyaGeiko Sure, I know. I just wanted to understand if this designer understood the original request that finally we need this as mockup. Thanks

    • @martin_buchberger savina wrote: About #37, I can make you a HTML or Powerpoint mockup Martin.

  • Desktop App Design UI #43
  • now since the screen is more filled please simply remove the blank buttons here again #34
  • OK, sorry for that, please revert to the icon with the notepad again #37
  • Desktop App Design UI #40
  • Desktop App Design #39
  • Please try orange here => red on blue is very hard to read #35
    • About #35,
      Here it is #36, #37

  • could you please remove the notepad around the antenna => in the end it should be only the antenna #35
  • we would need more than 1 tag here (please see Powerpoint) since Silver Copies is more elements #35
  • Ah, sorry, I meant white background within the cells = white instead of the blue = could look similar as the table above #35