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SafeStuff is an iOS app developed directly for Swedish residents.

It helps to keep all valuable things safe and simplifies the insurance processes.


Save all the stuff you need by adding its pictures, description, date of purchase and price.

You can even attach scans or photos of the bills to the description.

manage your items

You can sort all the items by categories for better management and statistics.

Submit claims to insurance companies

If one of your things was damaged or stolen, you can easily report it to your insurance company. This option is integrated into the application.

user friendly interface

The app's interface is good looking and easy to understand. If you don't know how to use the app, do not worry - you'll master it easily with a help of our simple tips.

color scheme

We've also made interface in the colors similar to Swedish national flag to raise the users trust and to demonstrate that the usage of the app is coordinated with the insurance law.

safe stuff web application

You can manage items not only in the app but also with the help of a special web application.

There's also an official website of the app, where you can receive an additional information.


Keeping your things safe is easy with the help of SaveStuff app.

Add all the necessary information, manage your items, submit claims easily and enjoy this simple and useful application.

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