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Project description

We are basically an optical retailer who wishes to convey a strong message to the children/youth and future generation regarding protecting their eyes against harmful blue rays from digital displays. Long term use of these devices without proper eye shield/protection may lead to several eye ailments. 

Seeking a design for a 4/6 fold (or appropriate size/folds) brochure/brochures based on attached illustrations/images. 
Other marketing: Different marketing/media/graphics concepts for this good cause are most welcome and rewarding. 
Required format: All relevant high resolution formats related to graphics production/reproduction, including source files. 
Target audiences: Generally all mobile/PC users but most importantly - Children/youth who tend to be glued to the digital gadgets for an extensive period of time each day without caution. 
Objective: Social awareness cause as well as business/marketing idea for opticians

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  • About #23, @sajad
    Hi Sajad,
    Please remove the contact details from the last page and bring down the "Consult SOON your Eye Doctor.... & "Visit your Optician.... below.
    Also, please remove the female picture and add a male (preferably mid-aged) model picture - if available.
    Thanks & best wishes.
    • @celebrityoptics the changes that you wanted in this design are all ready, but because the contest is closed i can not upload them here, however if im the selected designer for your contest, i can send you the new design with all the changes that wanted in the Finalization page which is the page that contest holder and selected designer for the contest go to before finishing the project.


  • Please discard both these parts "Beneficial effects" & "Harmful Effects" Use this place for graphics/illustrations instead. #21
  • Please remove the logo from this page #21
  • Please change to: Choose to use eye glasses that filter blue light from digital devies #21
  • Pls avoid/discard/remove this sentence "Is Blue Light the Culprit.... Possibly...." #22
  • Doesn't look nice here. Just mention, "Devices causing the greatest concern" and place under the blue background. #22
  • Hi Archasi,
    Can you minimize the text and make it more of graphics please.
    Thanks & best wishes #21
  • About #11, @Archasi
    Hi Archasi,
    Just to inform you that we are on the verge of choosing the winner and closing our contest.
    Kindly review your design finally and post if you have any further updates.
    Best wishes
  • About #18, @Nasrul,

    Hi Nasrul,

    Overall, your design is pretty good.
    The page with general benefits/effects of blue light exposure may be discarded/avoided.

    The basic objective of this brochure is to educate people about the harmful effects of blue rays on the eyes.

    One or two more pictures/illustrations would be more effective.

    Best wishes.
  • About #19, @sajad ,

    Hi Sajad,

    Thanks for the recent update of your design. You are getting better and better.
    For our logo (logo of CelebritoOptics), we wish it to be as small as possible at the bottom of the page. Even semi-transparent would be ideal because we wish to present ourselves rather as professional educators rather than a sales company. The main objective of this brochure is to educate the people about the harmful effects of blue rays rather than just to sell them lenses.

    Also, on page 6, please mention: Consult your Eye Doctor/Ophthalmologist SOON

    Visit your Optician...

    Best wishes
  • i hope you like this design, rating or feedback please, thanks #20
  • About #18, @Nasrul
    Hi Nasrul,
    Thanks for your design submission.
    We will be finalizing tomorrow.
    Best wishes
  • About #17, @Trex1989
    Hi Trex,
    Thanks for your design submission.
    We will review and finalize tomorrow.
    Best wishes
  • Hi there...
    Please review my entry...any feedback is appreciated..
    thanks #18
  • i did it in the last minute, it still uncomplete so if you would like me to do some modifications i'll be pleased to... #17
  • Hi @celebrityoptics
    Just uploaded my submission. The design is based on Z-fold. The other side of the brochure is coming since the deadline are hours away. But i will upload it and you won't be disappointed. Any changes or revisions can be done. Let me know what do you think! Thank you. #16
  • i hope you like this design, comment please, thank #15
    • @anzenamri Hi, Thanks for posting a new design. Is is only 3 pages or are there some more pages. Thanks

    • @celebrityoptics I'm sorry, this is only for 3 pages only, but if you want more, I will make it again. Thanks for feedback and rating, kind regards

  • If would be nice if we can we find a younger model and wearing eyeglasses as well since the blue light should look like hitting the glasses and retrieving. #13
  • The previous picture was/is better #13