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Project description

We are basically an optical retailer who wishes to convey a strong message to the children/youth and future generation regarding protecting their eyes against harmful blue rays from digital displays. Long term use of these devices without proper eye shield/protection may lead to several eye ailments. 

Seeking a design for a 4/6 fold (or appropriate size/folds) brochure/brochures based on attached illustrations/images. 
Other marketing: Different marketing/media/graphics concepts for this good cause are most welcome and rewarding. 
Required format: All relevant high resolution formats related to graphics production/reproduction, including source files. 
Target audiences: Generally all mobile/PC users but most importantly - Children/youth who tend to be glued to the digital gadgets for an extensive period of time each day without caution. 
Objective: Social awareness cause as well as business/marketing idea for opticians

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  • i hope you like this design, comment please and tell me to more information about this, thanks #1
  • You mention that this will be either a 4 or 6 fold brochure. Do you have a printer in mind, and if so do you have access to templates from them, or know what their sizes, safety margin, and bleed areas are? Will this be a fold over, or accordion style brochure?

    Also you mention in another comment that the uploaded images are "free images from the web", are these the images you would like to go with, or would you prefer custom work?

    Do you have any preferred text, statistics, scientific data, etc. that you want to include?

    Also, what exactly is the product that this will be selling?
    • @weiesnbach Hi Weiesnbach, Thanks for your valuable queries. Our comments here below: - The brochure may either be in A4 size with 3 panel accordion fold (Z-fold) Or A3 size with 4 panel accordion fold. For the bleeds, please follow your experience. - We prefer custom work instead of "free images from the web" - For text the following captions may be used "Care for your EYES", "Love your eyes more than your gadgets", "Protect your eyes - you won't get another pair", "Be grateful for the gift of vision", etc. - We do not have any scientific data for our region - The product we are selling is "Optical lenses/eyeglasses with Blue Shield Coatings" to protect the eyes against Blue Light from digital devices. If possible, you may design a monogram/emblem for the "Blue Shield". For more information, please visit sites like www.bluelightexposed.com or google up for "is blue light harmful for eyes" and find important inputs and ideas relating to our project. Thanking you once again for your participation and support. Best regards, Benani

    • @celebrityoptics

      "The product we are selling is "Optical lenses/eyeglasses with Blue Shield Coatings" to protect the eyes against Blue Light from digital devices."

      ...do you have high resolution photos of your product and logo?

    • @weiesnbach Hi, The product is basically an universal one in the ophthalmic market. Neither do we have any particular version of our own nor any high resolution product photos or logo. We just wish to launch it as a general eye protective gear or a preventive measure against harmful effects to the eye caused by long term exposure to blue light from digital devices. Big ophthalmic industry giants have their own branded versions and are doing their individual marketing activities. We on the other hand are very small in size, so we wish to keep our marketing activities very low profile and confided within our small region/city of around 1m people. Thanks

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  • Hello CelebrityOptics,
    In your brief, you mentioned "Seeking a design for a 4/6 fold (or appropriate size/folds) brochure/brochures based on attached illustrations/images".
    Kindly upload illustrations/images.
    • @serexzo Hi Omole, Thanks for your comment. We have posted the required materials. Best regards, Benani

  • The above posted pictures may not be of high resolution since they are free images from the web, these are just for illustration purpose.
    If any of you have access to related royalty free images - within reasonable costs, which would be of use to this project, then we will be willing to bear the costs of the same. Kindly advise.