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Project description

Multi page flyer to advertise Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy performed under live motion xray for large joint pain  (not back pain) for patients. 

Must contain 
-accurate prp content, 
-full color pictures, 
-our logo. 
See attached back pain flyer as an example of what we are looking for and also attached are a few samples of prp brochures ect. 

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  • I have two questions;

    1. The back_freereport_002 PDF file is about backpain and i see in the brief that you mentioned that you want the flyer to be about Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and not back pain. So my question is, is there any exact content that you want to be copy pasted in the flyer? or should the designers just put sample texts in the design so you can replace it later with your own text?

    2. Do you want this to be a two-sided a4 flyer or a Tri-fold a4 brochure design?

    • @UmutAta 1.I can provide accurate content paragraphs later, examples of paragraph titles for now are as follows: Title: Healing chronic joint pain, tendons and muscles injuries without surgery. What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP?) How does PRP work? What is the success rate? Celebrities use PRP to enhance accelerate healing and enhance their appearance! Is PRP RIght for me? How is PRP therapy administered? How many treatments are needed? Are there any side effects with PRP? Patients Results. How can I get started? 2.Ideally a 2 sided A4 flyer similar to the back pain report.

  • Full color design, luxury and fun to read by your new potential patients.
    Completed with live motion x-ray for large joint pain and i summarize the important information taken from your "back free report".
    I hope you love this.