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Winning design #34 by moonart, Flyer Design for CyberClinic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

Design a tri-fold brochure about our company and services that customers can take away from our office or sales reps.

Should include information from our website about our services and prices, but doesn't have to match verbatim if you can think of better marketing ideas:

Designs are not required to match the theme of our website, but they can. It should look very polished and professional.

Final versions must be Adobe Illustrator & VistaPrint compatible. VistaPrint has guide templates online if you need it.

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  • Hello ch, please check all three different design variations as your required changes hopefully you like. #32
  • It's just front page of your company brochure design. I think it's perfect & professional design. I have another nice & professional design idea.
    Thanks #28
  • here is my another design option.
  • I hope you like it. feedback will be appreciable... Thanks... #24
  • I hope you like it. feedback will be appreciable... Thanks... #23
  • I hope you like it. feedback will be appreciable... Thanks... #22
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback again, please check my different updated design option's hopefully you like appreciated feedback again thanks #16
  • About #13, @creativeorangemail
    please kindly send me corrective feedback for my works, thanks a lot
  • Good clean layout and colors, but a bit too dark. I like how the lines are not parallel. #4
  • Like how all tech support info is consolidated into this panel. It corresponds to pricing table since that table is specifically for these services. The overall design and photos are a bit too simple though. #12
  • Clean design. Like how the prices are prominent. #12
  • This panel looks really good, but maybe a little too rounded - and panel should be moved to other side so that it's visible when pricing table is closed. #9
  • Instead of the vector graphics, this image may look good on the Tech Support panel (which should be inside left panel) #9
  • Great colors, but the design looks too much like Star Trek. I like the font on the bottom for the title with the background behind it. #9
  • Like that both sides of the image are visible and also that the image is smaller on the page. #8
  • Home Office info should be on this panel. #8
  • Maybe remove these triangles on the bottom half so the design is not so hard. #8
  • About #10, @moonart

    We like the color scheme of #10, especially for the inside pricing table.

    "Advanced Business Technology Solutions" may be too generic. We would like to see "Full-Service Tech Support" moved from the logo and placed in the main title to be more prominent. (see brief comment for logo source file)

    When brochure is completely closed, we want the back to be contact information.

    When you open the brochure, we want business tech support info on the left and residential info on the right. Residential info should use the picture of the girl similar to #8 and #9.

    This way, the brochure addresses our 2 primary types of customers, but when the brochure is fully opened, the pricing table will correspond with the business services on the left.

    We don't like the title on the front cover to be on top of the image because it's too difficult to read.

    #8 is a little too dark and a little too edgy, although the residential panel looks pretty good.

  • To help designers, Adobe Illustrator logo can be downloaded from here:
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback, please check my new design variation hopefully you like appreciated feedback again thanks #8
    • @moonart Thanks for alternative options. For the inside, I think I like the colors of #7 better, but I'll discuss it (and the other revisions) with other staff members in tomorrow's meeting.