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Winning design #25 by moonart, Flyer Design for Executive Sales Service Contest
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designed by moonart

Project description

Sales Training Department For Hire Service Brochure

Want to create a 2 page (4 page) bi-fold 11X17 brochure. I have attached a pdf with some content and general information. Open and expect creative input from designer to make this look very professional as it will be the corner stone of my business offering. my website is www.executivesalesservice.com if you want to see more. I look forward to this process as it is my first time and I have heard great things from others that have used this service. Please use existing logo provided
Thank you in advance for your talent and input!

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  • Hello ch, please check my new design hopefully you will like again thanks #25
  • About #16, @moonart I like the graphic on the front and the blue. Thank you for your design. It is simple and clean
    • @sverrett2036 Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback & rating, please check my complete design hopefully you will like again thanks

  • Dear contest holder,
    Please don't close this contest early. I am still working on the design. I will upload it as soon as possible
  • I love the look of this graphic, but when I read the time line, it doesn't flow as well as I would like from item to item (I know I provided the concept....sorry for being difficult). Can we look at a version that lays out each stage below the description vertically (end result would be 3 vertical diagrams with some sort of arrow connector horizontally showing flow from step to step). The step 1 assess portion would have 4 tasks on a vertical arrow with tasks on either side. same with step 2. If you are unclear, let me know and I will create a quick diagram. Thanks #17
  • About #17, @Steercreative Can I see an example with blue instead of purple and a photo on the cover instead of the art graphic?
  • About #17, @Steercreative This is my favorite so far. Great job. We may have to play with the colors to see which I like better, but in general, this captures what I was looking for. Thank you!
  • Hi, here's my vision for your leaflet.

    The cover illustration is a stock image and would have to be bought. There's a lot of text but I think I've managed to keep it light and airy with plenty of white space. I hop you like what you see, please let me know what you think.


    Steve #17
  • Hello ch, please check my design if you like i will make the other side appreciated feedback thanks #16
  • This is a good start.

    - Change names of "Rob Loomis" and "Dan Faia" on pictures (wrong name on each picture)
    - Change "Mr. Verrett" to "Steve Verrett"
    - Picture of Verrett on front needs to be of better quality or folded in better. Quality of outline on top looks rough. I like the idea though.
    - "Finally A Better Way To Train Sales People" needs to be highlighted different than "Sales Training Department For Hire Service".
    In general, I like the look, the colors, and the feel. Great start

    • @sverrett2036 i hope you can upload more better resolution image, thanks for your great contest

    • @dreamingrealistic
      I added a higher res version of the same picture. This is the best I have. Sorry and I hope that it works ok.

  • please check sir @sverrett2036
  • I am not looking for a new logo. Please use the one provided for the flyer. Thank you