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Winning design #49 by Nasrul, Flyer Design for Family Practice PA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nasrul

Project description

3/7/18 UPDATE: We want to have all five pictures of the providers on the post-card. Please see attached document for additional pictures. 

3/4/18 UPDATE -- This will be a Post-Card Mailer -- 5.5 inches  X 8.5 inches (approximately 1/2 of a sheet of paper) 
It should also have a back. -- the left half with a call to action and the right half for address and postage...

The left-hand side of the card--

Keeping Galveston County Healthy
Accepting All Insurance

Come see us today

Walkins welcome

Call us for an appointment
facebook @familypracticepa


We are wanting a flyer to introduce our new providers, new services, new hours, but with the same great care. We have updated out website and Facebook. We are starting monthly specials that will be posted on the website and Facebook.

New Providers: Jennifer Deckman, FNP; Misty Horn, FNP
New Services: Wellness Programs, Weight Loss, Anti Aging, Botox, Addiction Treatment
New Hours: Monday-Friday 8-12, 1-5pm
Same Great Care
Same Day Appointments
Walk-ins Welcomed

Family Practice PA
Warren T. Longmire, MD
Janis Fowler-Gulde, MD
6801 Delany Road
Hitchcock, TX 77563

Warren T. Longmire, MD

Janis Fowler-Gulde, MD

Jennifer Deckman, FNP

Misty Horn, FNP

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  • Maybe the font needs to be in white so you can read the names better #49
  • Make the font bolder so you can see it better #49
  • Make the FNP pics a little bigger #49
  • Please Make the two doctor pictures bigger #49
  • Please Make the two doctor pictures bigger #49
  • Make their pictures bigger #45
    • @mandi_vergara #49 for the revisions...thank you

  • Make their pictures bigger #45
  • About #37, @Nasrul please change the colors to the blue colors I attached on the brief, I am having a hard time getting people to agree on the colors, so we are going to try and stick in the blue family
  • Hello contest holder
    Waiting for your feedback so i can proceed with card deisgn
  • This is a great design with the logo!! #36
  • make this font a little bigger and bolder #36
  • make the logo a little bigger #36
  • remove the background picture and just use the two doctors pictures #36
  • make all the font the same color, but make it a little bigger and bolder #36
  • make the logo a little bigger #36
  • This is such a great design with the logo!!!! #37
  • make the logo a little bigger #37
  • make the font all the same color and bolder and bigger #37
  • make the font a little bigger and bolder #37
  • Make the logo a little bigger #37