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Winning design #52 by serexzo, Flyer Design for Fone Zone Charge ( Contest
Gold Medal

designed by serexzo

Project description

I need a one page sales/flyer sheet that can be given to sales reps to make a sale with their customer. It must be eye catching, crisp, and look professional.

I have attached files for content/ideas. Please do not feel need to base design off of them. Please try to incorporate as many selling points/content as possible as these are expensive units . Would like both Gold model and Silver model on one sheet

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  • under 19in and 32 in can write screen. i would like to see how it looks #51
  • I may need to change the part numbers. is there anyway you can send me the file in psd when the competition is over? #46
    • About #46, @ericwahad you wont be able to edit via photoshop but with Adobe Illustrator. i would send you the font used and all you need and also a possible guide to make changes.

      and if you want me to do it. Then no problem.


    • @serexzo ok sounds good

  • remove the (,) comma at the end of the statements #46
  • should be worry free. devices worry free #46
  • About #50, @ericwahad, Also I worked with two colors, you can check the #49
  • About #50, @ericwahad Hello, My new entry, looks more professional, organized, clear and specific information
  • put ethernet or LAN. remoce wifi #43
  • change to 200lbs please not 163 #43
  • should be turn one wall outlet into 5. into* is spelled wrong #43
  • should be addresses not address #43
  • convenient is also spelled wrong. please check spelling #43
  • About #43, @serexzo i like this! may be winner
  • can you raise this font maybe 1pt or 2pt so its a little bigger #43
  • i would like to see this icon either a wrench or gear maybe #43
  • About #35, @serexzo I like this one!!
  • get rid of the white in betwen #35
  • maybe try a couple different colors as this background #35
  • should say Generators not Generations #35
  • I would like to include another think if possible Customizable and underneath put Showcase Your Brand! #35