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This project is controversial. Please read the material before deciding on whether you feel compelled to design the type of brochure I am looking for. If you research and you disagree with our viewpoint, it's ok- but please don't email me letting me know your thoughts. I'm not looking to debate, I just want some work done for something I believe in. 

I belong to a group that is fighting a miscarriage of justice against a former police officer in Oklahoma City, Daniel Holtzclaw. In our eyes he was wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting 8 women and sentenced to 263 years in prison despite no physical evidence and shoddy police work on the part of the Oklahoma City Police Department and the local DA's office. We feel strongly that when the public sees the true miscarriage of justice that happened to Daniel, they will stand up and demand answers to what's happened. 
The brochure I would like to create is for us to hand out to people in an effort to simply show the discrepancies and all the lies and fabricated "evidence" that has happened in this case. 
I want the main face of the brochure to show "263 years" at the top and "Did he really do it? YOU be the judge". I would like the 'thin blue line' shown in the design also. This design shows support for law enforcement. 
Please look at for any pertinent information to place in the brochure. You can use any information or pictures in any "Free Daniel Holzclaw" sites. There are many. 
The main thing I need is for people to watch the  YouTube video: CRTV:Daniel In The Den The truth about Holtzclaw part 1 & 2. THIS is where the truth about the case can be best explained. 
Please feel free to use whatever information from this website you wish. We look forward to seeing creative, eye popping designs. Something that helps best get our point across---That Daniel deserves a re-trial and that any logical person can see, once shown the facts, that Daniel was railroaded. 
Please, take the time to watch the video yourself, it will help in motivating you to design this piece. 
Thank you all. 

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