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Winning design #64 by wiwin1991, Flyer Design for Contest
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designed by wiwin1991

Project description

I'm looking for a strong design to communicate our brand.  This will be an 11x6 postcard. I only need this to be one side.  Please include my headshot.  I want it to be a cutout of me.

here's the site, but it's not complete:

for the website use:

for the phone # 760-415-1452



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  • Hi @josh3 ! :D

    I am interest to joining on your contest
    after reading the brief, I think to make this design :D
    hopefully you like it
    i willing to hear your feedback & suggestion for best result :)

    best regards
    Mufidz :D #72
  • This second layout blends the buildings illustration into the background and allows for a more spacious design with the yellow icons at the middle of the circle height. Achieving a high balance in the layout and giving a subliminally more eye pleasing design.

    Looking forward for your feedback.

    Thank you! #59
  • Hi Josh, Hope you're having a beautiful day.

    This is my initial design concept for the flyer. In all honesty it's heavily inspired by your website. But it's really clean and screams quality & luxury and will resonate well with your high end clients.

    Using quality icons, a balanced use of color and perfect typography the design is really solid and balanced which makes it pleasing to the eye.

    Hope you like my design. This is only the initial concept. With your feedback and comments I can turn it into a perfect final product.

    Thank you. #57
  • his josh, any feedback to improve #48 #49 please?
  • This is not the look we're looking for #3
  • About #3

    dear contest holder @josh3
    please tell me if there is anything i can fix
    thx :)
  • this logo combines the letter M with the leaves as a symbol of serenity. please give me a feedback, thank you very much! #1