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Winning design #27 by wbeehive, Flyer Design for Glowbase Graduate Recruitment Platform Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wbeehive

Project description

About us
Glowbase provides an online SaaS („software as a service“) platform for graduate schools to support professors and teaching coordinators with finding the best PhD candidates. Our Graduate Recruitment Platform allows university staff to work more efficiently and significantly reduce the effort required to process application documents.

By providing additional, complementary services, we help PhD programs to attract more and better candidates, to inform potential students about available positions and requirements as well as to facilitate and streamline the recruitment process.

The project
We want to create a flyer which will be distributed in highly targeted campaigns – e.g. personally during workshops, conferences or as an attachment with personalized letters.

The flyer will be printed in A5-format landscape on thick paper / thin cardboard with a front side and a backside.

What we want to achieve
Our flyer must be a tool to create interest. We want people to get in touch with us and make an appointment for a live tour – either by phone, email or through our website.

Target group
We target an international audience linked to higher education, science and graduate schools: professors, researchers, scientists, teaching coordinators, secretaries, technical staff.

Style guidelines
The flyer must appeal to the reader's emotions. It should look and feel „premium“, convey a message of high quality, reliability and comfort. In terms of emotions, here are some keywords to give you some ideas:

  • pleasure
  • achievement
  • empowerment
  • control
  • self-direction
  • self-determination
  • benevolence
  • beauty
  • hedonism

Think about the iPhone advertisements as an example: There are lots of other smartphones which include better (i.e. more powerful) hardware than the iPhone, and which may be even cheaper. But people still want to buy the iPhone because it "feels" better. If we can achieve a similar effect, we will be more than happy :-)

People who know our website should immediately recognise the flyer as a „Glowbase“ document – and vice versa they should immediately recognise the website if they know the flyer. Maybe you want to re-use some of the images on our website (see also attachments).

What we like

  • Emotions
  • Happy people

What we don't like

Pictures of
  • Computer hardware
  • Office tables, coffee mugs, paper stacks
  • „Corporate“ people in suits, meeting rooms, fake presentations

Raw material
Download the draft for the flyer, stock pictures, logo etc here:

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  • After some discussions we have finally managed to agree on a winner :) It was a great contest with lots of awesome desings. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed for all the hard work!

    Edit: Sorry for the delay - I picked the winners yesterday, but somehow my selection has not been saved. I hope it has worked now.
  • More bright colors #39
  • Another variation with dark colors and some other changes, Please let me know if you like the the color scheme and general layout. Other things can be changed, modified. Thanks #36
  • Update. I made 3 versions for the backside. #35
  • Hello,
    As per the modification request of #29 i have retained the original light-tone of the front photograph.

    Thanks&Regards #33
  • hi.. :) if there are any other suggestions. please let me know. thanks #32
  • another variation #31
  • Hi, I have changed the picture on the top, also made some other slight modifications and changed the background on top as well please let me know your thoughts. Thanks #30
  • @wbeehive Yeah!! #27 is great!! Just awesome :) I think the white bar (#27) is better than the pink one (#26) Great idea with the lipstick in #29, but it one can see that the image has been manipulated... better keep the original image ;)
  • Hello,
    Thanks a lot for your right guidance.Some new design concepts added again. Please take a look and share your feedback.

    Logo Theme color added in the back strip

    Similar to #26. But the background color is white

    Image is changed with the girl image. No blurry background. Simple text with large font and black color

    Similar to #28 but the photograph is slightly toned with the logo theme color

  • About #25, @PerfectDesigner Thank you very much for your suggestions. The design looks nice, but it reminds me a bit of comics / science fiction movies... especially the lady on the front side looks very artificial and doesn't match with the other picture.
  • About #24, @Meow Sweet - the font is much better than the other one! I'm still not sure if the pink ribbon on the backside is a good idea. I think it is disturbing and makes the text hard to read. The general impression is that the whole backside looks a bit unstructured. What if you remove the ribbon completely? Maybe just leave two thin horizontal lines were the ribbon was (i.e. the frame of the ribbon)? But keep the separator lines. Maybe you could also try to align the text at the top to the left, instead of having it centered? Thanks a lot!
  • Dear Client, Please have a look at my work and share with me your thoughts so I can go ahead as per your requirements!! Looking forward to your response! Kind Regards, Perfect Designing #25
  • @Meow, #23

    Thank you for the update!

    The front sides are nice, but the backside still looks overloaded. Too much color, too much bold text. I think it is hard to read because there are too many elements which are emphasized. Too many strong impressions which lead to information overload ;)

    I think the pink ribbon is too aggressive. We would prefer something more discrete, less "offensive" to the reader.

    The font probably makes it look very clumsy as well - maybe try a different font? (Also, I prefer the logo version from the front side, it looks better :) )

  • About #20, @wbeehive

    Thanks a lot for the updates! Generally: I like your style!

    - The backside looks much better with an image. I think the backside of #20 is the best so far! Keep it ;)

    - We are not yet fully convinced with the front side. #20 looks like a "quick fix" to not cover the face :)

    - #22 the blurry effect is a bit irritating (maybe the texture of the glass-effect is too rough?). Also the cut-off hair will not look good when printed.

    - #21 is the best so far, but it is a bit dark (probably because the image is dark...). Any ideas how to make the front side look "lighter"?

    - Generally I think a picture of a woman or a group is better on the frontside, so that we don't have two old guys in the front and the back ;)

    - The logo with the thin line on #22 is great, keep that!
  • Update. The first photo requires the design to be modified but I like it because the people are putting the focus on the text & logo by looking at them. The second one is nice too because she's making a personal connection to the reader.

    The pink ribbon flows seamlessly to the back. I created a horizontal version of your logo to fit. #23
  • Thank you for your inspiring comments. :)
    I submitted three new set of designs. They are #20, #21 and #22. All the requested modifications are applied on those. Even some images added on the back side also.
    Please leave your feedback. Your feedback is precious to understand your preferences.

  • About #15, @Meow Thanks a lot for the update!

    - The badge is too much, it looks better without it. Try to replace the line "Our platform is trusted by" on the backside with "Glowbase, an award winning Swiss startup company, is trusted by".

    - I think the back side looks a bit overloaded, it somehow doesn't match with the elegance of the front side. Maybe you could try something more discrete? Less colorful, less "chunky", more luxurious? (Maybe have a look at # 19 for inspiration)

    - Some people on our team don't like the picture on the frontside... could you please make a suggestion with another photo, for comparison? (Same design, just replace the photo)
  • About #19, @wbeehive Wow, this looks great! We really like the back side in particular, it's very neat and well arranged!

    Some feedback:

    - The colored version is better than black/white.

    - It is a bit irritating that the face of the older guy is covered by the bar on the front side... it looks cut off. Could you try to change this? Maybe with another picture?

    - Remove the "play" button in the top-right corner of the backside.

    - Replace the line "Our platform is trusted by" with "Glowbase, an award winning Swiss startup company, is trusted by". Then remove the pink "http://...award winning..." line on the top.

    - Generally the back side looks a bit "technical" and unemotional, but I don't know how to make it more emotional without messing it up :)
  • Hello,
    Please view colored(Front) version of #18. Hope you like it.

    Thanks&Regards #19