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Winning design #40 by symoga, Flyer Design for Hardware-store Contest
Gold Medal

designed by symoga

Project description

I need you to design a two side flyer with info and giftcard to sent with all my order in my webshop.

- You have to do this in adobe CS6 so I can modify later on.
- You have to use my template file(for secure press)

In the template file there is my pore version of an design. Feel free to delete all or use what you like in your design.
- You have to use the image of the person+text

You need to take a good look on these attached banner design and make something similar(without the products ofcourse)


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  • In this example I enlarged the title, changed the font of main text, enlarged your logo in the background and added new icon for web. I also changed dark gray shape below the photo, so it could fit the entire design and give it better look. #48
  • Could you change the font to something like #1 #38
  • Hello Sir, check my proposals #43 (side 1) #44 (side 2)
  • hi sir pls cheek it #42 and #41
  • I am not sure what font that was but i think this is one of the best font that have the same font as the previous design. Hope you like it ! :) #40
  • Can you comeup with logoes on this one? #19
  • could you make the "HS" vectorized. I see it grumss a bit in the border. #38
  • Could you make the background even more lighter gray? #38
  • Could move the icon in the front of the email? Also another Icon would be good. #38
  • Could you make this gray bar half size? #38
  • Could you make a better clip here. I can see a write border around the person #38
  • This is how it looks like if we go back to straight "HS" and make it even bigger. :) #38
  • What happen if you go back to straight "HS" and make it even bigger? #37
    • About #37, @michaeljm i will do that right away :)

  • another option. bigger HS :) #36
  • Here is another option, huge HS from the background :) #35
  • I turned the HS to the right, thanks! :) #34
  • here you go :) gray one, hope you like it! :) #33
  • here you go :) #32
  • Thanks for you redesign. Could you try remove the "congratulations!" text on (both #29 and #27)?

    Also could you try make the "HS" turn to the other side(both #29 and #27)?

    Also could you make the gray background more light?(#29)

    Could you make the HS in entry #27 more lighter/transparent? #29
  • Another variation with "HS" logo in the back. #26