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I have had made a brochure by a company but since have a fallout with them. Please see my logo and current brochure design to have an idea what I am looking for. For copyright purposes, do not use the current pictures but would like to use female models (kids and adults). By the way, as you can see, its for a dental clinic so nice smile on the models is a must. Written text (on the sample brochure) can be used with some changes. The picture at the back showing the river and the bridge is a stock picture, copyright free, hence can be used. Clinic details are unchanged; similarly the real world photo of the clinic can be used too.

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  • can we change the text color only of the line "all insurances welcome and maximized" to orange (one like at the border) #23
  • its a good picture; I was looking into it too. anyway we can digitally alter to hide the skin unto the collar bones? if not then let me know #23
  • can we change white into light blue background #23
  • Hi there, I have totally revamped and your design and improved to a certain level where your feedback can improve it even more. Let me know your thoughts. #22
  • Hello. Here is a minimal and friendly design that's fresh and easy on the eyes. I used 5 photos from You can purchase them all for only 20$. You can reuse them for other materials like posters and business cards. #17
  • can you add flowers etc to give a spring touch #8
  • not green but blue. Background also blue and not white #8
  • background should be light blue #9
  • can you change green to blue or yellow #9
  • can you remove this? also need the original logos #6
  • need the original Logo. we cannot change it since its every where else #6
  • picture of female and kids. we don't want male models #8
  • again the number is backwards #8
  • can you remove this picture and instead use a flower #9
  • number is backwards: should read 815-901-1044 #9
  • Antoher variation, I have tried to use more clean and white layout, white as a representative of white teaths and light. Tried to incorporate the feeling of trust and warmth. Let me know your thoughts #8
  • Another variation of your design, I have included the map in the design, the map can be adjusted. This is just to show that a version with map can be placed if you like. #7
  • Hi,I have created a totally new logo for your clinic and a new version for your brochure, I will be anxiously waiting for your response to complete this design in the way you want. Thanks #6
  • Sorry the first entry was not ment to be uploaded #5
  • Hi, Here is the my first entry for your contest. I have kept the style and layout of the previous design with new images and with small adjustments. Pelase let me know your thoughts about it. Also would you like a different layout in my own style and layout for your brochure #4