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Winning design #14 by dreamwebdesign99, Flyer Design for Infection Control Dental Contest
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designed by dreamwebdesign99

Project description

I would like A4 flyer/brochure designed with 2 pages/4 sides. 

I have included a new logo.

The front page needs to be minimal and to contain a slogan:

We build infection free dental communities

I would like a brief description on each page about the services I provide, more information can be found here:

On the back side, I would like to include a registration form. I have attached a registration form that can be used, but needs to be revised:

 - Prices need to be revised:

On-Site Training $1400 plus GST, the timeframe is 3-4 hours
Practice Audit $1400 plus GST, the timeframe 2-3 hours
Policy Manual $580 plus GST

 - Smart Practice Memberships section needs to be removed and replaced by Smart Pack. In the description for the Smart Pack, please include description stating:

Most efficient way to get compliant. The pack includes: 
 - On-site Training
 - Practice Audit
 - Policy Manual  - Free (highlight FREE)
Price $2900 plus GST

Consultation section stays the same.

Please also update the phone number  - remove the current one and replace with 0403 581 332

I do not want anything too content heavy, just the necessary information. Please make it modern and not too clinical.

Thank you!!

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  • Do I have to wait for the contest to finish before I can complete it?
    • @Bronie1208 I´m not sure (it´s should working any time), try to select now the winning design, may will work;if not, try to ask the designcontes team
      the print file is Done!

    • @dreamwebdesign99 Hi, I have selected you as a winner

    • @Bronie1208 Thank you

    • @Bronie1208 Thank you

  • Hope you like this... #20
    • @bachchubecks Thank you for your efforts, I have already chosen a winning design

  • hope you like this..I'm wait your response..thanks #19
  • 2D Presentation... #18
  • Dear Madam...I try some variation in my design...your comments are highly appreciated..thanks.. #16 #17
  • Dear Madam...I try some variation in my design...your comments are highly appreciated..thanks.. #16
  • direkt after the selection, i will start to create it, the both versions
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 but we can start tomorrow, I will hire you.
    Are you able to send me the final of the brochure to complete? I would like a print and online version available
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 great! At this stage I need master Power point slides with my logo. The should include front, back and middle templates.
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 we can start any time you like, my promise to do my Best for your projects
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 it has been a pleasure! I am looking for some help with other projects, I’d like to hire you
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 my honor to work wih you any time
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 thank you! Happy to complete it now.
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 it’s a comma now
  • Just making sure it’s a comma, not full stop just before Bronie. Please check #14
  • About #14, @dreamwebdesign99 thank you, I’m happy to make it final
  • About #13, @dreamwebdesign99 looks great, I think I’m ready to complete it after this final change
  • Please remove the word highlight #13
  • About #11, @dreamwebdesign99 Thank you very much in advance! I am definitely choosing your design, I love it! Just making last changes, almost there!
    • @Bronie1208 u welcome any time, thank u too for all your feedback,

  • Hope you comments my new design... #12