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Winning design #36 by ezesol, Flyer Design for MicrowaveSafeGuard.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ezesol

Project description

Hi, we need a flyer/product label that really stands out and helps make our product a must have. This will go on our product to identify to customers what it does and how to use it. Needs to be front and back. Our current website is given for reference but you do not have to follow its theme... feel free to use your own ideas on colors and layout. 

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  • Thank you so much for all of your creativity and participation. We will review the submissions and award a winner as soon as possible.
  • dimension & fit more left #37
  • Dear CH, Thanks for rating & feedback again i uploaded new design included changes if you have any changes please feel free to ask me thanks #36
  • Hope you like it,
    Thanks, #35
  • About #34, @ezesol Actually can you make the changes onto #31... We like the lower case letters more.
  • Can you move this higher closer to the white line and move it far to the right as possible and a little bit smaller font size? #34
  • Can you also remove this period #34
  • Can you remove the periods after easy to use and easy to clean? #34
  • About #31, @ezesol Can you fit the dimensions onto the back of this per the instructions?
  • About #25, @Anastasiia can you make the website wider so it fits its space more evenly?
  • About #2, @ezesol This was the first one we really liked but can you play around with it? Add a upc code onto the front? We like it as it is but if you change it up a little we might like it a lot more... =) Thanks!
    • @treeyou Dear CH, Thank you so much for feedback & rating i uploaded more design more professional looking i hope you like appreciated feedback again thanks

  • Can you use a different color other than green? Also make one without the line. #19
    • @treeyou Thank you for comments and rating! Chck please updated entries #23, #24 and #25! Best regards

  • Update (two versions). Is it OK to flip the image used on the front page as it is now like design #17? #22
  • Can everyone also add 'Patent Pending' somewhere on the front page? Thanks!
  • These buttons aren't lined up #19
  • About #17, @ezesol Small typo but you mispelled "Protect against GERMS". Also, can you use a different color other than green? We really like this design.
  • About #8, @Meow We really like how clean this looks, but can you change the pictures around so we can see how it looks with different pictures? We don't want any people in our product photos so stay with just the product and microwaves and food. Thanks!! You're in the top 4 and we'd love to see what else you can do with this template. (Try taking to same pictures the others have been using to see how it all looks... and perhaps some of your own. Thanks!)
  • Dear Ch, please check my new design option very simple & clean i hope you like my new variations appreciated feedback thanks
    • @ezesol Love what you're doing! If you modify the first one that we liked we may love it more... the new one looks good though! You're in the top four right now. =)

  • Can you do this in a maroon like some of the others we like on here? Thanks! #15
    • @treeyou Sure! Check please update #19! Regards

    • @Anastasiia It looks great!!!! Thank you. I think some of your icons aren't lined up perfectly so if you can fix those and maybe even think of anything different we'd love to see it. Right now you're in the top four. =)

  • Thanks for all the input so far... We've ranked what we like the most but if you have any other ideas please go ahead and send them in. Different color combinations could help or different types of 'BPA Free' icons. With less than a day left in the competition, send in your ideas we may love them!