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Winning design #43 by PaulTran, Flyer Design for Nexus Contest
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designed by PaulTran

Project description

CALLING all creative flyer designers!

We need a unique and eye-catcthing flyer to promote a singles' weekend get-a-way to Orlando, FL.  The event will have a big event called "Chucks & Tux".  At this event attendees will dress in Chuck Taylor/Converse sneakers and tuxedos.   The flyer MUST include a  pair of Chuck Taylor shoes and a tuxedo.  It also must appeal to both men and women alike. We want a hip, cool design for the flyer to draw attention to this event.  The event details are as follows:

Nexus Singles' Get-A-Way
Location: Rosen Shingle Creek Resort - Orlando, FL
Dates: November 20-22, 2015
Cost: $265 includes: room, ministry sessions, mystery dinner theatre, Chucks & Tux Ball and more! (Room rate is based upon double occupancy).
Payment information: $100 deposit is due by September 20th and final payment is due by October 18th.  Payments can be made in The Zone Bookstore or online.

So put on your thinking caps and enter this contest!

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  • Hello,
    Please view design #53, #54 and #63. Hope it'll meet your requirement. Waiting for your response and feedback.
  • A unique & eye catching design by Nexus #62
  • Please eliminate #59 & #60.
    Some error in those entries.

    Have a look at #61 as my main entry.
    Hope You like it..
  • Hi kfarr1700!

    Another design with luxury concept,

    Hope you like it
    Paul Tran #50
  • I add more diamond and bling for luxury design

    Hope you like it #48
  • Hello,
    Please view design #47. Waiting for your response and feedback.
  • Hi kfarr1700!

    Bling, Diamond with Chuck High Heel

    Hope you like it

    Thanks, #43
  • Please check my design. Hope you like it. Please comment for any amendments. #41
  • background be hind 'chucks and tux' to allow visibility from distance.. I won't advice high heels, it changes the name of the event. 'ladies and gentlemen' indicates female are welcome when they look at the flyer. oh pardon the pink on the face of the girl it wont be visible since there is a 0.125" trim mark on all side (for printer).

    Thank you very much for the rating. God bless. best regards #40

    The flyer is designed so that people can easily read it and understand also..
  • I hope you like it...Please feedback.Thank you good day. #39
  • Hello,
    Please view design #38. Waiting for your response and feedback.
    Thanks & Regards
  • Hi Sir, Thank you for choosing me, As your request, I have made. My entries are #32, #33, #34, #35 and #36. Expecting your valuable comments....
  • Hi kfarr1700!

    I use diamond text and make Chuck visible

    Hope you like it #24
    • @PaulTran I see where you were going with it. It's a great concept, but looking for to have the separation of the male and female chuck/tux

    • @kfarr1700 Thanks for your reply, I got it and I 'll do as your ideas

  • Hello,
    Please view design #29. Waiting for your response and feedback.
    • @wbeehive Missing the appeal to the ladies a little flat with the color selection.

  • About #25, @sunface This is very nice!!! Love the heels, if they could be turned into Chuck Taylor's and a add a pair or male Chucks and a little more pop to the color of the font and the background it would be spot on!
  • The color scheme is great! But it's missing the Chucks... Needs to have that bling to appeal to the ladies #9
    • About #9, @kfarr1700

      I fixed it as your request #24


  • Is it possible to make the female Chuck a high heel shoe? If it will take away from the design don't worry about it #17
  • About #18, @newlightdesigns.

    Both of your submissions are great! we are almost there, if we could just make those final few weeks I think we will have it.
  • Looks Great! Needs more female appeal... If we could get rid of the male profile and have the highlights of the chucks match the Chucks and then add a lady and have her dress match her chucks that would be perfect! #17
    • I ment chucks match the tux and just get rid of the male face. About #17, @kfarr1700

  • Yes! Those are exactly what I was referring too, you could even make them a high heal shoe. Just like you have the male figure, is it possible to include a female figure as well? #15