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Winning design #23 by Aslamprobal, Flyer Design for Nudge Psychological Assessment & Consulting Contest
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designed by Aslamprobal

Project description

Nudge Psychological Assessment & Consulting is an award-winning psychology practice based in Busselton Western Australia.  We are seeking a design for a folded DL brochure advertising our Psychological Assessment Services to Lawyers throughout the local region.  We are looking for a design that is eye-catching and memorable, in keeping with our existing branding, yet also reflects the professionalism and the exceptional quality that has come to be associated with our brand.  

The brochure should be designed to provide lawyers with an understanding of services we offer, the qualification and professional body membership of our psychologists, and our areas of expertise.  However, the DL brochures will also be passed from the lawyers to their clients and so it will also need to appeal to this broad client group. 

Please view our website ( for information on the assessments we offer, and to gain an understanding of our branding. 

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  • Hi Aslamprobal

    Thanks for that. I have just uploaded an example of what the logo might look like (we are in a different category but I would expect that it will look similar. Does this help?

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  • Hi All. Just writing to advise that I have uploaded a new word document detailing the content that is to be included in the brochure. By all means, additional information can be included in the brochure (e.g. awards etc). However, the enclosed information is essential. Can we please leave off the names of specific staff members as a number of our psychologists will soon be gaining additional accreditations and therefore their details will change. Any queries, please let me know. Thank you for your efforts.

    Kind regards
  • dear sir
    this is updates #8 (option-2), pls check this. i am waiting for your valuable feedback. #17
  • dear sir
    this is updates #8 (option-1), pls check this. i am waiting for your valuable feedback. #16
  • If we can also please include on the front cover "Psychological Assessment Services" #8
    • @melissajharrison thank you very much for the comments. i will update you ASAP.

  • About #8, @Aslamprobal

    Not so keen on the colour of the photo with the boy. Can we please try some other photos? Also feel the photo in the middle of the page (Jetty) too large.
  • It is an Outside Brochure. #15
  • It is an Inside Brochure. #14
  • dear sir
    this is my new design, pls check my design. #13
  • Dear Sir
    this my 3rd concept. pls see the design. #13
  • Update # 10 #12
  • Hi Aslamapro . Thanks for your entry. The front cover is much improved. I am finding the mix of colours in the photographs in the brochure is too complex and overwhelming. maybe sticking to a limited range of colours would be the go? Thank you for your ongoing efforts #10
    • About #10, thanks for your feedback sir. i will submit next update design ASAP.

  • update #9, if you need any changes pls comments. #11
  • updates #7, if you need any changes pls comments. #10
  • About #7, @Aslamprobal

    Thanks Aslamprobal for submitting to our competition. While this is very corporate, the cover is just a little too simply for my tastes and does not give the reader an indication of what the service is about - that is, "Psychological Assessment". I feel it is imperative that the title "Psychological Assessment is somewhere in the cover".
    I feel that there images and text throughout are not well dispersed (too many pictures on one page and not enough text, then too much text not interspersed with images on the other pages - making for heavy reading.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your submissions.
    • About #7, @melissajharrison thanks for your feedback. I am working on your comments, i will submit next design ASAP.

  • dear sir
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback

    aslam #9