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designed by serexzo

Project description

Need to have a flyer made for our sales team.  This flyer will be standard paper size and will be utilized in customer meetings and handouts when they see fit.  Our website is currently undergoing a full remake so you may not be able to view it for reference.  Below, I will provide intro for our company and what we're looking for on the flyer.

Our company, Parts Depot HQ, specializes in commercial truck parts (semi-trucks) and forklift tires.  

For the flyer,  we'll want to showcase these items.  I will list the needed information for each of the products a long with pictures we have.  Some pictures may require touch ups. I will be adding more than one picture of each so please pick and choose which fits best.  I also included a different flyer.  It has nothing to do with our business but we do like the simplicity of how it lays out their products.  In no way do we want to copy it to a "T" but can be used as starting point for you.  

Not everything may fit on one page.  You are welcomed to make it a double sided flyer as well.  If so, I ask that you keep the truck parts (tires, sleeve wheel nuts, and LED tail lights) together on one side and forklift tires on the other.

Also, please add our address, phone number, and website information.  

Address: 166 W. Live Oak Ave.
                 Arcadia, CA 91007

Phone: 626-538-4681


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  • HI, hope you like my design...
    Pls give me some feedback yea.. #19
  • #Added some gradient feel with the white background :) #16
  • Hello there..please review my entry..any feedback is appreciated...thanks #11 #12
    • @Nasrul Thank you for your submission. Can you tell me the difference between #11 and #12? Thanks.

    • @pdhq Nothing much..only the background...

  • I hope you will like it. Thank you. #8
  • Added the same metal finish to the info boxes. #5
  • Hi guys, please let me know what you think of this design. The grey background had a brushed metal finish and the forklift is running the actual tires from the images. if any more information should be added, please let me know. #4
  • Is there anymore information you are looking to have on the flyer? For example any body text or other information other than the information you provided in the PDFs.
    • @chris.maul I actually forgot to provide our company info such as phone number, website, and address. Below you'll find the info. Thanks! Ph: 626-538-4681 Address: 166 W. Live Oak Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007 Website: