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Winning design #12 by wiwin1991, Flyer Design for Seafood Carry-out Menu  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wiwin1991

Project description

See a seafood carryout menu design for our restaurant. 

*Size: 8.5 X 11 inches. Template is here:
*Two Fold

*Come up with a design that attracts new customers. The design must make our seafood look tasty and exciting. 
We are trying to promote our blue crab, snow crab, po boys, oyster, lobster...crawfish is secondary. 

*See our facebook at 

* Current menu is at 

* This menu is designed to mail to houses. See requirement at

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  • About #12, @wiwin1991 Do you have Skype or some other chatting app? It's more easier if we chat.
    • @jackyu_it perhaps sir, im not sure we can communicate outside this website.. its againts my code of conduct as DC designer.. maybe you can use a tool to mark any changes position on the layout design..or you can contact the admin first if you need for chat direct to designer.. thank you.

  • hey. Is it a must to include real food pictures or can the food maybe be drawn in watercolors?
  • About #10, @wiwin1991 The best I see so far. Great job.
    • @jackyu_it thank you...let me know if any suggestion or if i put wrong pic position

    • @wiwin1991 Can you redesign the outside-back-page, the page with the map & beers? It does not look attractive enough, and it needs to be more polished. 1) I going to add two coupons to the outside-back-page, call it "Wow Deals". 2) The first coupon: 20% off your meal. When you spend $25 or more. Expired 4/41/2018 3) The second coupon: $10 Dining Credit. When you spend $45 or more. Expired 4/41/2018 4) We also need the "consume raw food warning" on the outside-back-page, just copy from the inside page, below side & soup section.

    • @jackyu_it do you prefer my version of maps or the original one?.. if we put the coupons, i think should take out a part of this to get more you okey if no food picture on the back page?or getting a little bit smaller?

    • @wiwin1991 I need a smaller and simpler map.

    • @jackyu_it my update #12..further feedback welcome. thank you

    • @wiwin1991 OK!

    • @wiwin1991 OK!

  • Dear @jackyu_it! Check please my entries #8 and #9 for front and back and feel free to comment!

    Kindest regards
    • @Anastasiia Good clean design, can you only use the photo that I provided?

    • @jackyu_it Thank you for rating and comment! I'll make an update with photos you provided. But all the photos I used are completely free for commercial use and are licensed under CC0 license.

    • @Anastasiia Actually, we don't sell the items from your stock photos. :)

    • @jackyu_it #11 is my new entry with photos you provided and updated outside back page. Any further feedback would be great! Thank you

  • do you want to have a certain background color?
  • more clean look entry no #10 please review thank you
  • here is the revision #5
    • @wiwin1991 The font need to have bigger size. Also, use a different color other than white.

    • @wiwin1991 The font need to have bigger size. Also, use a different color other than white.

    • @jackyu_it which font do you mean? On back or front? I think with this wood paper background the font colour need to be bright clear (white or yellow lemon) or dark clear (black dark blue etc) to be readable.. in the back, font size is maximum to make the lay out not to full or complicated.. do you have a reference or link which menu layout you like? Let me know please

    • @wiwin1991 I mean all font!!! Can you use a black/gray color for the font color? Also, I have uploaded more stock photos, please use those instead.

    • @jackyu_it my new submit #7 please review thank you

  • Hi!
    Here is your Menu Design, if you want any changes please tell me. #6
  • About #3, @wiwin1991
    Also, I was looking for a wood-paper like background like this:
    • @jackyu_it thank you for feedback..ill back to you asap.. any suggestion more?

  • About #3, @wiwin1991 Looks better. 1) The logo is too big at the front page. 2) We need store name, address, phone on the front page as well. 3) can you find a better wood picture, it does not lock clean. 4) Replace the first shrimp stock photo with a better shrimp picture. 5) Replace "We specialize..." message with "Best Seafood Resturant in Falls Church"
    6) remove @NewOrleansCrawfish at the front page. 7) For all the sections, use a yellow background, instead of purple. 8) Replace the black Lobster plate with just two Lobster. 9) Switch the ordering of "Chef's Seafood Specials" with "Seafood Entress". 10) on the back of the menu, put "New Orleans Live Crawfish & Seafood" into one line.
  • optional darkest woody background #4
  • I put some stock photos in there..what do you think? #3
  • About #1, @wiwin1991

    I like the layout, the map. But I don't like the black color. Need more food pictures as well. Overall feel is good!
    • @jackyu_it hope you like my 2nd entry, thank you #2

    • @wiwin1991 We don't want to put large crawfish picture at the front page. We are trying to promote blue crab, snow crab, oyster, lobster. Also, can you use a wood-like background?

    • @wiwin1991 Also, please replace all the white-cartoon drawing of seafood with something else.

    • @jackyu_it could you provide which one is the blue crab, snow crab, oyster and lobster your own photo please?

  • About #1, @wiwin1991

    I like the layout, the map. But I don't like the black color. Need more food pictures as well. Overall feel is good!
  • hope you like my first entry, any feedback to improve very welcome #1
  • Hi there! Could you please check out the menu size? Should it be really 11 x 1.8 inches?

    Thank you
    • @Anastasiia Should be 8.5 x 11 inches, template is here: