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Winning design #11 by Anastasiia, Flyer Design for Smithville Pharmacy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Anastasiia

Project description

I need to make a creative patient referral pad that a prescriber can give to the patient so the patient knows a little bit about the pharmacy that the prescriber is sending the prescription to electronically. A 8.5 x 11 inch paper should be able to fit 4 of these tearable sheets. See this link for one I created before as an example. The only available forms of communication will be phone and email [no text message option]. All of the text should be editable to fit the company's changing needs. It should not be cluttered, the patient should be able to understand it quickly, and it needs to stand out. It will be printed in color. The main points to include are:

  1. The name and contact info of the pharmacy
  2. The pharmacy logo
  3. The delivery option
  4. The ways a patient can contact us
  5. We accept all insurances
  6. Introductory statement about the pharmacy

Additional images welcome. Please use the included logo though.

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  • Here's another alternative. with different font #25
  • this is another alternative design that I made.
    I try to bold and larger some important message that you wanna tell to public.
    Like the word 'insurance' and 'free delivery'
  • I try to adding some images, from to explain more about the message in the flyer.
    I try to vectorize the logo again, because the file was so small.
    The font that I used was helvetica neue.

    FREE DELIVERY was big from the others, so people should aware more about this.
  • Please remove the address, phone, fax, and email from the top. Please Center and make the Smithville Logo bigger and stand out more #6
    • @survam Done! Check please updates #10 and #11. Best regards

  • Please move the address of the pharmacy from the top to the bottom and include an icon of a building. #6
  • Please use a darker teal/forest green #6
  • please change 'about the smithville pharmacy' to 'About Us' #6
  • Hello, send you our flyer proposal,we appreciate your comments for improvement¡ #9
  • can 'free delivery' be in a different color or outline to stand out more? whatever you think would match the current layout would be great. #3
    • @survam Hello! Thank you very much for your comments. Check please my updated design #6. Could you please provide the text for "About" section? Thank you

  • hi,

    I have made all suggested changes. kindly go through it.

    Thank You #5
  • great layout but too much text. can you just use icons for email and phone? #3
  • change 'with' to 'at' in this sentence. also please change 'location' to 'address' #1
    • @survam,

      I will do all changes and will send you shortly. Thank you

  • Hi, dear @survam! Check please my entry #3! Any feedback from you would be great!
    Thank you for attention and best regards
  • this is too similar to the original design #2
  • please update phone to be: 512-237-5216 #1
  • please uncapitalize the 'P' in 'Please' #1
  • update address to: 1404 NE Loop 230 Smithville, TX 78957 [remove website] #1
  • bold and underline 'all' to make it stand out more #1
  • change 'get well soon' to "Proudly serving the patients of Texas, where everybody is somebody" in italics. Underneath it please put this quote in smaller font: "Taxes and Texas—they have the same letters, but only one can go to hell - Jarod Kintz"
  • please emphasize free delivery - maybe bold, different color, larger font, different font? or a combination of all 4? #1