Great process for working with very talented designers who are also super responsive to feedback. We had a number of adjustments after the contest and our designer was awesome to work with!


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Winning design #42 by glaxon, Flyer Design for StartX Contest
Gold Medal

designed by glaxon

Project description

Feedback to all applicants:  The most important thing is that it needs to break up the text. I know we want a lot of text, but please break it up visually so it does not look like the whole page is just text.

We need a flyer for our prospective corporate innovation partners! Our partnership programs are very high quality, so we need our collateral to reflect this.

A little background on StartX:
StartX is a 501(c)(3) Stanford-affiliated nonprofit in Silicon Valley that runs one of the top startup accelerator programs. Our mission is to advance the development of the best Stanford-affiliated entrepreneurs. Since launching in 2010, we have supported over 450 companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

The attached collateral brief outlines the format and copy we would like. We are happy to consider alternatives, but no drastic changes please.

Dimensions as per this link:

We will be available to answer any questions and provide feedback.

Read full brief


  • What are the dimensions you've used? It's okay if they are different to what we posted, as long as it doesn't cause problems with a printer.

    For the left page, could you move the image up and use it to split the text, perhaps? It still looks like a lot of text there. #28
    • @StartX I didn't see the dimension u given before that ,but I did the last 2 entry on another dimension.Now I change correct dimension (Dimensions as per this link:

  • We like this, thank you for your time.

    Could you make the outside cover simpler? We like a simple, clean white. #28 is our favourite cover at the moment.

    I like the green you use inside, but could you please use our style guide colours.

    Edit: We ask that Green not be used as a background colour. Please adjust the middle section.

    Thanks! #30
  • front cover alternative. #34
  • Hello, Please your feedback and suggestions, and feel free for any revision if needed, thank you. #31
  • About #19, @Arulan
    Thank you for this entry.

    This is too heavy on green.

    The text needs to be broken up so it isn't
    just bullet point lists.

    The graphs need to be pie graphs (or similar), to show the % better.
    • @StartX hi now I have change design as per your feed back if its ok.

  • Hi I have change design as per your commend for my previous design! check this one #27
  • this is following the fixed size from the contest holder
  • Hello,

    I have design for you, please check it, I have following the brand guideline, includes color, fonts, etc.
    If this design have some mistakes, please contact me,
    I hope you like it.

    Thank you,
    Best Regards

    Afif Dzulfikar
    Graphic Designer #24
  • Hi, thanks for the rating.
    Here my adjustment.
    Any feedback would be great
    Erkou #22
  • dear Contest holder

    can you give the fixed size for the Flyer design paper version?
    • @afifdzulfikar58 Hi - thank you for this question. The dimensions are as per this link:

  • This part is too busy. There are two bars, then text, then another bar. Perhaps remove the thinner decorative bar from above the heading. #13
  • About #13, @erkou

    We really like this design. We think the top bar is too busy with the headings under it (i'll mark this separately).

    Please adjust the green colors in the graphs to align with our style guide.

    Please no text in green. Black or dark grey is fine.

    Thank you!
  • Thank you for your time with this!

    We feel it is a bit too busy. Can you clean it up a bit please? #16
  • This is more detail #17
    • @ujikmonsterkue Take a look at our brief and attached documents: we have all the content/text you need.

  • About #15, @glaxon
    We really like this. Please adjust the green colors (in the middle section) to be the dark green we use in our style guide.

    We also ask that no text be in green. Black or dark grey only.

    The right section (what is StartX) - can you break those bullet points up visually?
  • I like this part! The text is well broken up. Can we do something similar for the top left and bottom right sections (where there are still a lot of bullet points)? #15
    • @StartX I will updated soon.

  • About #12, @ujikmonsterkue plis view my desaing
  • About #12, @ujikmonsterkue Ok i will send the more complete content you want. If for example its a different icon may or not
  • About #10, @Abdel99
    I will try to fix it

  • Thank you for your entries - could you post a more complete example please? Currently this doesn't cover the content we would like. #12