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Winning design #35 by donato0101, Flyer Design for Våtromskurs.no Contest
Gold Medal

designed by donato0101

Project description

We need a flyer describing and visible making the need for skills development. We are a company that holds a workshop for craftsmen. After passing the course, they are certified after passing the exam. The construction industry is a very macho industry, and many believe they are the world's best. They may have it, but the trend is moving so fast that it is very important to keep abreast of regulations. We use domain Våtromskurs.no, directly taken over means bathroom course. As the name indicates certifies we plumbers, tilesworker, carpenters, electricians and painter.

Our company called Byggeveiledning but should use domain Våtromskurs.no, this  is a word that is well known. In Norway today there is a certification scheme, and there is an organization called the National Council for Wet - Fagrådet for våtrom, they issuing the certificate, and it is for those we hold courses. It is important that we have with us their logo as well. In addition there is a logo for certification also, this is very recognized, it's called Byggebransjensvåtromsnorm. In addition, it is important that this course applies to the entire construction industry with all subjects, and here there is much tradition that is important to emphasize.

We will take over the market based on price and the best instruction. The usual costs a price of NOK. 8300, we will have an sale with a price of NOK. 4.990 - 40% discount

The course is based on that one should be able to find solutions on the Internet. The construction industry Wet Norm- Byggebransjens våtromsnorm is a page that explains how to build and use products and solutions interchangeably. So it is important to emphasize the technical side as the traditional.

There are many logos, but we are open to suggestions, it is important that we build on old traditions that meets today's technology, and that everyone needs updating.

When it come to size, We are not entirely sure, we are open to suggestions. The important thing is that we get our message across, and that we can use back to tell about the different courses. I have post an picture of a flyer that can opens, and we can tell more about the course. Please try to work with something like that.

We will after selecting the flyer to go ahead with the designer to create banner and brochure design in the same style.

On the back we need a setup for our 2 courses, see attachment. 

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  • color mode: CMYK
    size: 8.5" x 14
    target audience: male ages: 18 - 35

    Please review and I would be happy to know what your thoughts are.
    Images that contain watermark cannot be used without licence.
    Colors can also be changed if there are branding guidelines

    Thank you very much, Best regards #37
  • Hi I'm working on an entry to see if i can win. please don't declare winner before end of contest. :)
    Thank you
  • #30,#31,#32 three new design themes
    hope you like them
  • Hello,
    I have cleaned the design please view the reformed one #33. Thanks!
  • About #20, @donato0101 The flyers should be on disk in building warehouses. For them to take our flyer will our offer be important. Can you bring up the offer on the front?
    • About #20, hi I'm glad you like the idea @Morten71 I thought was a bathroom thing didn't know was something with the warehouses (anyway the photos can be change easily) you can see the modifications here #28 #29 and #25 #26 what do you think?

    • @donato0101 You was thinking right, but we find our customer in the wearhouses, and in advertisement.

  • Exactly what are you looking for? One page flyer or tri fold brochure.
  • Hello,
    Please view design #27. I have designed the flyer as per my understanding of the brief, hope you like it. Waiting for your response and feedback.
  • About #20, @donato0101 Thank you for a very good suggestion. Amazing that you have managed to bring out the total spring.
  • Hello, @Morten71! Here is tri-fold version #24!
  • This looks very good Sajad. As you say, the text must be placed a little differently, but this I think can be very good. #18
    • @Morten71 im so happy that you liked the design ! thanks a lot

      as you can see the design template completly ready , and all the texts layers can be changed in the order that you want
      thanks again for your kind words


  • design on half folded paper #19
  • three folded design
    ps : please note all the texts can be replaced in order that you want , this is just to show how the design will look on a three folded paper
    Sajad #18
  • Hi, dear @Morten71! Check please my new version #16 - half-fold flyer! Best regards & thank you for attention!
  • with bright background #17
  • Hi! Thanx for your nice entry . Can you also make it with white background. In my brief i want an flyer i can open. Can you try to make your right side as first side, then inside with left side and the rest of the text about the course.
    Morten #7
  • Simple clean and powerful design #9
  • This is my first entry. Clean, simple and powerful design. #8
  • I have post an picture of a flyer that can opens, we can tell more about the course if we use something like that.
  • Hi! Work with #1, drop the picture, I like the purity in #1. Can you try to come up with a proposal for a flyer that can opens. Looks to me half the size where the left side becomes the first page, and right and back on the next. By making the narrower we can promote different flyers adjacent to each other. I will post a flyer type i think off .
  • Hi, dear @Morten71! Here is a little bit lighter version #5. I'll submit the backside soon! Best regards & thank you for comments!