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Winning design #9 by sunface, Flyer Design for www.ValueCrates.com Contest
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designed by sunface

Project description

We are looking for a 5.47x4.21 inches double-sided postcard that is designed to be mailed (has the appropriate space to include postage and an address). It should convey visually and with text what we do (rent moving crates and dollies), our value proposition (no buying/putting together/throwing away cardboard moving boxes) and that our packages start at $24.99 with 3 weeks of rental and delivery/pickup included. We are happy to help with copy, but we want the design/visuals to take precedence over text, meaning the visuals should communicate most of what I listed above. 

Our customers tend to be middle-class to affluent females between 25-45. 

Take a look at our website - we are happy to provide any of the photos we have up there.

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  • They can't text us at this number, just put "Call us at" #19 #19
  • They can't text us at this number, just put "Call us at" #19
  • Change to "3 Weeks of Rental" (White letters) Free Delivery and Pickup (Black Letters) #19
  • Could you please remove her, the crate stack and the dolly? I'd like to see what this looks like with just the dog picture. #19
  • i can't open the pdf file it is empty
  • Hello,
    Please view design #17, #18, #19, #20, #21 and #22. Waiting for your response and feedback.
  • Update. Here's a different design for the back. #16
  • I hope you like my design. Thank you. :) #14
  • creative postcard design for ValueCrates #13
  • Dear Sir, I have corrected as per your comments.... Sorry for the late because I am out of station. I have used your original QR CODE.
  • Put a mention of the coupon code here #5
  • I like what you did, however can you try one with the dog picture in here instead just so we can compare? #5
  • Is there any way to slightly lighten up darker, shadowed areas of the crates? #6
  • Simple and friendly design. Use full size view for larger viewing. #6
  • Hello,
    Please view design #5. Waiting for your response and feedback.
  • I Like the overall design on this page, but it feels a little too "busy" - there is a lot for the reader to look at. If you can simplify with fewer, cleaner images that'd be great. #3
  • This section looks great! Change title to "Crate & Dolly Rental Packages" #3
  • Delete this and replace with "Enter "VC10" on checkout to get 10% off your rental." #3
  • Stretch this out, make it bigger, and say "Moving Crates and Dollies Delivered to Your Door!" #3
  • Is there any way to incorporate the living room in the background of the picture where this came from? #3