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Rebranding HP

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#1 Chung Dha

Chung Dha


  • Designer
  • 1,439 posts

Posted 04 September 2008 - 02:01 AM

Posted Image
HP is rebranding to an orb design.* They removed the rounded rectangle on the back and update it with 3d web2.0 design of the logo. However I find it less powerfull then the ol logo. They could had just added the 3d look and shine to the old logo. Also the globe have a odd [...]



  • Guests

Posted 04 September 2008 - 09:08 AM

I prefer the old clean look. The sphere may look trendy, but I guarantee you that in 3 years it will look old and will require another redesign.

#3 deleted member

deleted member


  • Banned
  • 201 posts

Posted 04 September 2008 - 06:35 PM

yeah they should of just fixed up the old one a bit...

#4 3masd


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
  • 37 posts

Posted 05 September 2008 - 01:42 PM

It looks like they're wearing it with the new design trend, it doesn't look like a rebrandign but dressed logo just for the occasion.
Santiago Borray

#5 willylorbo


    Junior Member

  • Designer
  • 23 posts

Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:08 PM

I absolutely agree with resurepus

#6 rinaldidesigns


    Elite Designer

  • Designer
  • 2,258 posts

Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:47 PM

I think the NEW logo looks dated, the old one is WAY better.

#7 Jochemdv


    Junior Member

  • Designer
  • 14 posts

Posted 15 January 2009 - 02:02 PM

The logo looks like a car brand now.
A strong font should be way more affective for a brand like this.
No-nonsens, no globe, no need for anything to keep the H and P together.
They act like the branding name isn't good enough, "it needs something more"..
No! it needs something less!

too bad.


#8 PixelFuze


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
  • 46 posts

Posted 19 January 2009 - 04:56 AM

I'm going to have to agree with everyone else on this one, the old one was much better. I don't like the look of the new one at all, just doesn't appeal to me and it's not professional enough for such a big corporation.

#9 geek



  • Designer
  • 436 posts

Posted 19 January 2009 - 08:15 AM

What is happening to companies today? First was pepsi, then now HP. I'm wondering whose next.

#10 Waqqas


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
  • 14 posts

Posted 17 November 2009 - 03:27 AM

The new logo can still work (to much extent) if they are to put the hp globe in a light-colored (grey-white?) rectangular enclosure with rounded-corners. I think.

#11 Brewman2010


    Junior Member

  • Designer
  • 20 posts

Posted 17 December 2009 - 05:45 PM

I would have to agree with the group on this one. The old one was much more timeless and unique. Just a simple refresh would have been fine - although not required. This one is too trendy - soon to be outdated

Edited by Brewman2010, 17 December 2009 - 05:49 PM.

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