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My Story Of The DC Team.

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#1 40ozGraphire


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
  • 9 posts

Posted 29 July 2004 - 08:47 PM

Okay, I'm quite pissed at the DC Team, I really think I got handelt unfairly and I suppose you moderators will delete this topic but lets just see what the other ppl think of this if you dair...

See it started signing up to this forum like a week ago of so. I really enjoyed how to see ppl do work around here, it was great such a forum so I decided to start with a contest. So when I tried to enter I got a PM saying I must join the DC Team before I could take part of a contest. So it was no problem, I applied to Team DC. In mean while I started on a logo for the "ImpulsiveLeads" logo competition.
Posted Image
So I keep waiting and wondering when I'd get accepted to the DC team, I kept on waiting untill I really started to get suspicious so I AIM'ed at penguinpedia and he told me I was rejected because my portfolio was invalid because I gave up a Dir account of mine were a bunch of designs were stored of mine. So penguinpedia told me that he needed a real portfolio before he recalls to look into my portfolio so as good as I am I started immediatly on a layout for the portfolio & created a portfolio page with the 10 requested logos/templates (http://users.telenet...portfolio11.htm). So I AIM'd penguinpedia to ask if the portfolio page for my second apply is valid and he said Yes so I started hoping that I could get approval as fast as possible because I needed to be accepted as member before the contest ends. So today I get an email from Team DC saying:


Unfortunately the Design Team Committee @ designcontest.com has
decided to deny your application to join the design team.

Most of the work you submitted was very similar in looks - and was not
actually created for any specific client/company. There was,
unfortunately, nothing completely original that stuck out in our

I also witnessed private messages sent between you and one of the
contest holders, in which case I believed that you may have been
entering the contest unofficially. From our guidelines:

1) Contact outside the forums or in private with the contest holder is
prohibited. If you are found doing this, you will be kicked off the
design team. Any valid questions towards the contest holder should be
directed in the thread for others to see.

2) Entries must be submitted in the thread for everyone to see.
Entering a contest through PM is not allowed.

Anyways, that is our reasons for denying your application. If you
wish to get more work together and more valid examples for us to view,
please reapply in one month.

- John

See this is just did it. I really didnt make any problem of making a valid Portfolio for them to have a beter view to judge on but they could of seen all that on the dir without having me to design a whole portfolio page especially for them. And the PM'ing, well I PM'd the contest holder of the Logo contest and because in his topic I readed that he was going to close he's competition earlyer because on the low submissions, just to let him know that I'm planing to take part of it as fast as I was accepted. Now I can just delete the logo & I did think it would of made a good chance & I can forget my membership while there are ppl from the Team DC who do alot more worse job then me. I aint the beste designer but still I'm surtenly fitting the profile of a mid-weight member. I'm really disapointed in the DC Team!!!


#2 mbleigh


    Platinum Designer

  • Designer
  • 144 posts

Posted 29 July 2004 - 09:10 PM


I am sorry that you felt you were given a raw deal. However, penguinpedia wasn't lying when he said that most of the design team committee didn't feel your portfolio was up to the standards we are currently trying to maintain. You may not agree, but there were four separate people who discussed your application, and none of them felt you were ready to be accepted. Your conduct in posting this message only further proves the point. Being part of the Design Team isn't only about designing logos, it's also about relating to the customers and the other designers, and by ranting at a decision that was reached in the same manner as all other decisions by the Design Team, you are proving your immaturity in that arena.

I know that it's difficult to be a just-starting-out designer. I was in your shoes only a short time ago. But by posting this message you are essentially burning your bridge into this site. While we may have reconsidered your application after you built your portfolio some (perhaps on another contest site), talking about how "pissed" you are about the decision that was handed down will not do a thing to help you in the future. You can't yell and scream every time you lose a contest, nor will you always necessarily think its fair that the winner won and your design didn't. These are facts of life in a design contest forum.

I wish you luck in your pursuits to become a designer, but please remember that it will never hurt to be nice to people, even when you feel you are being treated unfairly.

*Topic Closed*
Michael Bleigh
DC.net Administrator/Platinum Designer
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#3 Neupix


    Design Team Member

  • Designer
  • 1,146 posts

Posted 29 July 2004 - 10:25 PM

It does not say anywhere that all team applicants will be accepted into the team. If that was the case, we wouldn't have a team and everyone would be able to participate.

I am sorry that you could not read the rules in the first place, and I am sorry that after explaining them to you that we still decided not to accept you, but the "portfolio" you provided us consisted of 4 closely identical templates, many "logos" which were only 3d grey objects and some other stuff that had no relevance to the content of designcontest.com.

Members should be aware that we are going to be selective with the design team. Your skills do not need to be the greatest, but you need to show us a positive attitude and that you are serious about designing. I think its only fair for us to assume that anyone who wants to make money off of designing would have a valid design portfolio/services website - not a directory, not a quick list of links but something that somebody would hire you for.

This topic will stay in place - because people need to see it. We are not being bad guys with our decisions, but rather trying to create a successful community of positive designers who are serious about the things they do.
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#4 Shyflower


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
  • 168 posts

Posted 29 July 2004 - 11:34 PM

This forum was made for professional designers. If you are, indeed, a professional, you should not have had to put a portfolio together just for us to review. A professional designer has a portfolio ready to show prospective clients.

Michael is right. If you are going to take a negative attitude everytime you meet with rejection, you will not be successful here or anywhere else as designer.

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