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fresh joke 1

comedy jokes

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#1 Abram


    Junior Member

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Posted 26 June 2010 - 09:17 PM

before sorry about the language, i use google translate :D


There were two girls, one of their ways
MATHEMATICAL thinking (M) and the other way
thinking relies on logic (L). They both
walking home through the dark street, and
distance of their homes far away. After several
their long walk ....
F: Did you also notice, there was a man
our ongoing follow from approximately
thirty-eight and a half hours ago? I
worried he's going bad.
L: That thing Logical. He wants to rape us.
M: Oh no, we are like a walking speed
This, within 15 minutes he will be caught
us. What should we do.
L: There is only one logical way you should do,
ie walk faster.
M: That's not much help, how to .....
L: Of course it does not help, if logic is
We walked faster he will also accelerate
M: Then, what should we do? With
we speed like this he will be caught
we are within two and a half minutes ...
L: There is only one logical step that we must
do .. You passed the road to the left and I passed
road to the right, so that he can not follow
both of us and only one of which followed
by him.
After the girls were split up, apparently this guy
followed in the footsteps of the girl who uses logic
(L). Mathematical girls (F) arrived at the house first and
he's worried about the safety of his friend. But, no
Thereupon, Girl Logic (L) come.
M: Oh thank God .. You arrived with congratulations.
Uh, how your experience was followed by Men?
L: When we parted he kept following me.
M: Yes .. yes .. But what happened later with
L: In accordance with the logic I just ran as hard as
The man power pursue
M: And ... and ..
L: In accordance with the logic he managed to get close to me
in a dark ...
M: So .. What are you doing?
L: There is only one logical thing I can do,
ie I lifted my skirt ..
M: Oh ... And what did he say?
L: In accordance with the logic ... He lowered
pants ...
F: Oh no ... And what happened then?
L: It's not logical, if the girl who raised
skirt running faster than the man who
running with stripped pants ... so finally
I could get away from him ...

#2 dnayak



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Posted 14 November 2010 - 08:38 PM


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