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The GIMP Gets Ready for 2.2

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Posted 22 November 2004 - 03:29 PM

As promised, this time it didn't take another 3 years for a new stable GIMP version to be released. 8 months after GIMP 2.0 hit the road, GIMP 2.2 is almost done. The GIMP developers released 2.2-pre2 and unless any major problems show up, the GIMP 2.2.0 release is going to follow later this month.

Here is a list of major new features (complete what's new list can be found here):

* Previews for transform tools
* Previews for many plugins that didn't have them, and improved previews for many that did. Preview now can resize and contain a navig window like the imagewindow.
* Many user interface changes to improve layout of dialogs, and comply more closely with Human Interface Guidelines.
* Greatly improved drag-and-drop between GIMP and other applications.
* Improved ability to copy and paste between GIMP and other applications, including OpenOffice and Abiword.
* New file open/save dialogs. The open dialog does automatic thumbnailing, using embedded EXIF thumbnails if available.
* Much content covered by the help.
* A new script interpreter, Tiny-fu, which will eventually replace Script-fu. Shipped separately
* A new keyboard shortcut editor, allowing shortcuts to be defined for many more things than before, including many actions that don't have menu entries.
* Interface for controlling various parameters with a variety of devices. Allow keyboard, mouse wheel, MIDI controller, etc to be used as a GIMP controller.
* New plugins: neon, cartoon, photocopy, softglow, dog, retinex.
* Tools dialog lets you customize which tools are shown in the Toolbox, and their order. (You can add color tools to the Toolbox.)

#2 the mersh

the mersh

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Posted 14 December 2004 - 02:15 AM

Alright! We have a Gimp user in this forum. The features sound pretty nice for 2.2, I will upgrade when that is released for in a Windows Installer. I am running 2.05 right now, I think.

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