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Looking for city construction of "Chinese flavor son"

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 03:46 AM

Chinese architectural culture" symposium, experts and scholars pointed out that, in our country into the rapid development of urbanization stage today, some places in the city construction process, abandoned the region characteristic, ignore the architectural culture, and makes the city buildings have a generic, culture, and the rough missing, appear "thousand city side, ten thousand tung same-rooted" phenomenon. Development and prosperity of architectural culture, and find the urban construction of "Chinese flavor", it is the responsibility of the future development of the construction.

Follow suit, and more and more westernized nearly

"A lot of domestic architect now always staring at foreign masters, urban design, DongShiXiaoPin everywhere convergence, fortress." Academician of Chinese academy of engineering ZhangJinQiu said. "the past's ', 'LiuFeng scraping now blow' dubai wind '."

The National People's Congress vice director of the HuanZiWei YeRuTang this phenomenon summarized as "four far SiJin" : and nature more and more far, more and more close with officialdom; And the life more and more far, and more and more closer to profit; And more and more distant culture, and more and more close flashy; And the traditional far more and more, and more and more westernized nearly.

In the history of Chinese architectural culture is brilliant. Chinese building and European architecture, islamic architecture and called the world's three largest construction system, relative to the other two big system, China building system more long history, more complete system, and pay more attention to nature and life. New China was founded, China also has a large number of fusion native and emerge the modern characteristic new buildings.

Why does the current city buildings so lack personality? Architectural society of China that song, direct reason is urban planning problems. First of all, is "searching the wind", the architect no longer seeking, but staring at foreign masters; Next, it is "suit", sometimes appear DongShiXiaoPin effect; Third, it is "the wind", the popular all over a model. The lack of the original architectural culture, also has caused the blindly imitate.

Deep to see, is in rapid urbanization stage, people in the city building only pursue interests, resulting in lack of culture. In order to pursue the GDP, many local haste to build building engineering, was too much into the official color, the architects in the economic benefit and the administrative pressure often have to "grievance" art. Some local even drakes with expert evaluation, who went ZouGuoChang, ultimately local leaders decider. "In fact, buildings and can't simple commodity in the future, is a very long period of time, it stands in the public space for you to judge." Academician of Chinese academy of engineering CuiKai said.

Self-confidence, should be more respect local architect

Now, China city seems to be building designers exhibition fist, foreign to try new concept testing. Beijing construction design institute MaGuoXin chief architect, said many architectural design please is foreign architects, do not say to go up cultural consciousness, also show native building stylist lack of cultural confidence. In the international exchange, the Chinese architect should not only "a setter" and "supporting role".

Housing and rural construction an expert introduces a slightly extreme example, a city in an important public architecture design organization international bidding, all the design scheme erase designers name, let the judges vote, the results of a local designers work won, local leaders so enraged, have announced the vote on the spot is invalid. YeRuTang think, government and the owner should be more respect for the creation of Chinese architects.

According to information, some countries building designer to China for building design, the host country often provide relevant costs, will the move as "the culture output", even some embassy would organize seminar, promote the designer's work.

Policy support at the same time, designers should also change only understand design, don't understand the embarrassing situation of aesthetics. "Local designers should improve the comprehensive accomplishment, can't light will use computer to pour into original works blood." ZhangJinQiu think, "should pay attention to the regional architectural modernization and modern building, building regional innovation can't is superficial show."

Innovation, need to have heavy sense of history and culture

As to how to promote the development of Chinese architectural culture prosperity, experts think that we need to strengthen the sense of mission and sense of responsibility architects, the bold exploration and innovation; At the same time, also need to continue to promote reform of the cultural system and build a good policy and social environment.

Song said: "to foster and improve the quality of the architects, particularly to the human outstanding cultural heritage and classic works to have ability to gain the cognitive interpretation, the essence of it. Innovation can't gone after blindly visual stimulation, catering to the owner, but not simple to edification have heavy the historical culture 'new'."

In addition, the government should strive to build the incentive mechanism of system innovation, tolerance in the failure of innovation process and insufficient. China's electronic engineering WangZhenJun chief architect, said China architectural culture are in urgent need of top design, systematic and standard to reform and opening up China building 30 years of writing practice, thus in the practice of guiding the architect next creative activities.

Therefore, architectural society of China issued a development and prosperity of Chinese architectural culture in suzhou, set high cultural consciousness and initiative cultural self-confidence, to the exploration and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics architectural culture road; Do inheriting and developing, the combination of traditional and age, research and promote Chinese culture as the main body of the urban and rural construction; To adhere to the people-oriented, respect for and protection of natural ecology, and respect and protect cultural heritage, actively build good living environment; To implement the policy of energy saving and emission reduction, against building practice, and the pursuit of a decorative forms, such as the waste of resources competition with blind tendency; Promoting China's architectural creation prosperity, make building high-quality goods, to improve building cultural taste, regional characteristics, national characteristics and times style; Persist in reform and opening up policy, from the world advanced architectural concept and science and technology, urban and rural construction and service for our country.
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