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i need some big time help

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#1 bob-dc2


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
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Posted 22 December 2003 - 04:34 AM

i have a new company idea but i dont have any website design or htm codeing experience

the main idea with the site is to have a directory for car folk to find stuff they want to buy. im not selling anything, just selling a index of websites and companys in a thoughtful manner.

this weekend i have been working on this site


the logo is going to change for sure

i need to play with font sizing on the sub title bar

the tabs are screwed up but can be fixed easy

i like the curved setup on the left. but i understand it looks screwy with the main "directory" table. i have been trying to play with a new design for the box with teh directory table but i havent thought up something good nor do i have the skills to make something attractive

im working with front page 2003, ulead graphic program. im gona order the macromedia suite in the next couple days because front page just aint cutting it for me.

the bulk portion of the site will be based off the vbulletin program. i was going to create a database with all the directory listings but i read up on database stuff and its way way hard for someone like me.

im torn between buying the macromedia suite and putting a solid chunk of time into learning it and putting my ideas into reality. vs just paying someone to design a bulk of the site.

i dont even need that complicated. just simple layout with some clean looking tables

i have the architecture of how i want the pages layed out, im just having problems with getting my ideas into html code

any help would of course be appreciated.

#2 Lucidic


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
  • 115 posts

Posted 28 December 2003 - 12:36 AM

Well seems like a good idea only
the sites look is the least of your hoops to jump through

A site like this requires a good Database and upkeep
you will need to market it as a free index and make sure it is findable
on searches and stuff
Then also market it to companies for a low price per-month
for them to add there.
I would suggest breaking it up into state based areas
and sell only a set amount in each state this way it seems more of a deal to the companies you push it too.

and set up our DB so people can serach by state
and type. I would also set up an affiliate program as well
the trick to these sites is to make everyone involved feel like they are getting something from it.

I have a friend that does this with MLM companies and he makes
30k a year from it and his site sucks too hahaha
so I would line up my search engine attach and my DB direction first off using a simple test site


OH also you will need to make a page where businesses can sign up and upload a banner add and their info and then its all done automatic no work for you just money!

I design Flash and HTML sites
as well as full Identity Brands and more.

#3 psyris


    Apprentice Designer

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  • 287 posts

Posted 28 December 2003 - 07:36 AM

yeah the site is good though Lucidic's advice would be good to undertake as a database is always good for when u have a large directory and too it helps ur users out.
simple and effective design solutions

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