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Converting a PSD File to a Joomla Template

convertingpsd file joomla template

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#1 DesGuru


    Senior Member

  • Designer
  • 220 posts

Posted 28 September 2013 - 03:01 PM

1.from your photoshop application, go to file->Open and choose the image you want to use as a background in your website.
2. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw squares or rectangles to design the layout of your website by drawing rectangles or squares. Make a rectangle for the header and place it where you want the header to display on the image.
3. Put a rectangle on both sides(left and right) and place a big square in the middle between the rectangles. The square will be the main content area. Also place and a rectangle horizontally on the bottom of the image (this will be your footer).
4.Double click on each layer’s name and name it.
5.go to File->Save As. Name the file and select Photoshop from the format drop down list, then click Save and close your Photoshop application.
6.Open your browser, go to this website: Dynamic Web Pages from your Photoshop Designs in Seconds! | psd 2 CSS Online then go to "Browse" and navigate to your PSD file click "Open" and click Upload.
8.When it finishes uploading, click Save and specify where you want to save the files . Click Save and your Joomla template files will now save in the location you specified.

#2 emilywhite784


    Junior Member

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Posted 28 June 2021 - 08:16 AM

You can convert PSD to Joomla by following some simple steps. The following are the steps to perform the conversion. 


Step 1: Analyze project


Analyze the PSD to check the different parts and components like header, footer, sidebar, etc.


Step 2: Chop the PSD

Slice the PSD into different layers like header, footer, sidebar, and chop off the static content like images. 


Step 3: Code the PSD


Now it is time to create HTML and CSS code for the PSD. Code according to W3C coding standards.


Step 4: Integrate with Joomla


Create required directories and folders and integrate Joomla code. 


Step 5: Make site live

Once the code is integrated with Joomla it is ready to be live. Read the useful guide for PSD to Joomla conversion step by step.

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