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Contest expiration

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#21 gfxgoons1


    Junior Member

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 07:49 PM

the more this gets answered the more questions it raises , as a team of designers we thought it would be nice to enter this , we have been busy for a month now .. participated in 17 guaranteed contests and 7 of them are expired . now this quite a lot in statistics. votes we got , not that that is mentioned . only 10 infraction points for not having the design itself uploaded , only within a mockup (but it WAS uploaded) . it is for a lot of people unclear i think on how this system is working and the more staffmembers seem to try to explain
the more i think they dont actually have a clue either. sadly having watched this for a while will not make us participate in any new designcontests as we have clients of our own but as soon as all are done this account is gone . sorry to say but this policy just doesnt seem right at all. people do work their *sses off , it's a craft we all put time and energy in but this gets overlooked and in my humble opinion dismissed the way you have set it up to work.

#22 Babba


    Lead Moderator

  • Designer
  • 30655 posts

Posted 12 April 2017 - 08:37 PM

@gfxgoons1 - I do not see why complain about expired contests. It is up to the clients when they will choose the winner within 3 months. Reasons for this are mostly:

  • client is still deciding,
  • non of designs did meet CH's expectations or brief, 
  • client is prevented by the force due to various reasons (personal or business issues).

In addition to this, if client doesn't respond after 3 months, guaranteed contests go for a vote in designer's poll (See "Designer's Chat").

What happen to me on another similar site twice - both contests were expired over 12 & 18 months when I had been selected winner (by their site staff)... I couldn't believe... and I was very lucky that I could had provide the source files.


Regarding infraction you received - it is a 1 month warning.Reason for a warning is clear. Rule is clear too - mock ups are allowed (for many years it was not). But, any professional knows that work/design, specially logo had to be presented first and foremost in normal, front view on white background (or any other solid color if client prefer) without any effects. That is the ONLY thing client will buy and receive in the files. Some clients are not familiar with graphic design and they expect they will get that 3D perspective look with their logo... imagine how hard is for both, designer and admin to explain that mock up is not part of design at all. That caused many problems so far. Another big issue - many designers are using mock ups to cover up clipart and copied/stolen designs, since they know it is harder to trace copies if they are distorted. 

I hope you see the point.


I do agree that many hours from many designers are put into the projects, but that is the concept of design crowd sites. 

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#23 Yulistina



  • Designer
  • 553 posts

Posted 12 April 2017 - 10:43 PM

Go vote is not offensive, geez,  nor is it rough.   The point is.... go and vote, the sooner we get designers to vote the sooner we have a clear winner, the sooner we will have new batch of contests to vote on, so it is  just a simple general comment   go and vote. You can take the time to post in this thread but not go to the voting?  


 how is this


Please go and vote on the entry you think should win the abandoned guaranteed winner contest

Waw ... fierce discussion....
Sharie does not mean rude, just you misunderstood.

More comfortable, please read the DC rules in detail.
If not yet understand too. Follow the contest. just follow the flow. be patient.
Or you can contact DC admin by 1-1 (via email or chat).
DC admin (sharie etc.) helps a lot in overcoming various problems, including this issue.

at the beginning....I was confused and impatient, and also get the point of violation. finaly understood.

In the past....I was awarded a prize of an abandoned contest (twice) with a fantastic prize (both of them), like getting the lottery down from heaven ha ha ha ha

Come on ... follow the contest. just follow the flow. Do not break the rules and be patient.

i think...."designconstest" is the best of the other contests (out there), in terms of prizes etc., including how to handle abandoned contest.

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