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Please Critique Me

Critique BlankKandy BlankKandy

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#1 BlankKandy


    Apprentice Designer

  • Designer
  • 1 posts

Posted 26 June 2016 - 02:29 AM

Hello! I'm new to the whole designing logos and stuff. I would love it if someone can tell me how I'm doing so far. Here is my portfolio I am building on the site so far: https://www.designco...er/BlankKandy/ 


My favorite so far is my Gorilla logo. 


I still have a lot to learn, like measuring/scaling, color choices, line variation, etc.


I use Clip Studio/Manga Studio to create my designs and send them out in a high quality PNG file. Then from there I open the PNG file in inkscape and save it as SVG and EPS. The quality is still maintained when scaling.



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#2 HerbertNordal


    Junior Guru

  • Designer
  • 3433 posts

Posted 30 June 2016 - 04:52 PM

a PNG file is a raster file format. It is meant for web usage, not print.

You also need to educate yourself about color systems, rgb, cmyk, spot etc.

If you are serious about logo design you need a vector drawing program like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Your work is promising but you need the correct tools.


P.S, Your Tequesta art seems to be a collection of clip art which is not acceptable, professional or legal.

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#3 weiesnbach



  • Designer
  • 485 posts

Posted 13 October 2016 - 04:32 PM

I'm a huge fan of Manga Studio, my profile photo went through it,  and I love its vector line capabilities,  but as Herbert  mentioned,  those vectors in Manga Studio  have no  way  to  be exported outside of the program, which is sad because they leave Illustrators line work  in the dust, and I have said the same thing about the paint brushes as compared to  Photoshop as well,  thankfully it does save as PSD. 

I love your gorilla design.  The square glasses offset the roundness of the rest of the design perfectly. It  also  works well as a negative which is always a plus. Real  handy  for silk screen work, just  switch ink  colors and use the same screen for a black  shirt or a white shirt. 

On the Moreno logo,  the wordmark is working really well,  but I  would consider moving the "M" down lower so that it centers with  the rest  of the letters and then offset the "home health services", so  that it centers under the "oreno", but what  do I know? Different strokes for different folks.


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