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Posted 05 February 2020 - 12:17 PM

Shark Navigator NV352 Reviews: The ultimate solution for hard floors and carpet


While most of the current upright vacuums can be quite effective when it comes to traditional material such as carpets, most of them don’t do very well on hard floors. This is really disturbing because this type of flooring is really popular these days.


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Hence, as a homeowner, you definitely want to have access to the best vacuum cleaners that deal with both hard floors and carpets. In addition, it’s nice if they are relatively lightweight because this will make things easier when you need to move your vacuum around the house for certain vacuuming tasks.


Finally, the vacuums will need to feature reasonable prices so you don’t have to break your budget to get your hands on the best vacuum cleaners. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is undoubtedly one of the best choices when it comes to vacuuming carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces.


Learn more about this latest product from the famous Shark with our reviews.




About the Shark Navigator NV352


The upright vacuum comes from the well-known Navigator vacuum lineup from Shark. It features a unique design that allows you to easily move the vacuum around the floor without having to pick it up.


In addition, it features a unique lift-away option, which lets you switch it to canister mode in just a few seconds. Simply lift the detachable canister from the cleaner head and use the vacuum hose along with its attachments instead.


Moreover, the product is extremely light and comes with a relatively long power cord. That means you can take it anywhere with you around the house. Additionally, the lightweight and detachable canister makes the vacuum perfect for cleaning your stairs.


With both hard floor and carpet cleaning in mind, the engineers at Shark have introduced multiple features to help the product work well on multiple surfaces. This is shown in the lift-away design, the effective brush roller, the amount of suction power, and the many interesting features that you will certainly find useful.


To take a closer look at the product, we’ll give you detailed insight with our shark navigator NV352 reviews. Learn more about this amazing vacuum in our article below.


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Notable features


Great suction with powerful motors


To start with, the vacuum features powerful motors which can generate enough suction to collect all kinds of dust and debris of varied sizes and shapes. In fact, the vacuum can even retain most of its suction power when the dust container fills with waste way over the fill line.


This also shows the great powers that were bestowed on the machine. Even with many years of dust and dirt built up inside, you can still enjoy vacuuming with the Shark Vacuum Cleaner NV352. Also, if you happen to break the product, the five-year warranty will be more than enough to keep you feeling comfortable with your choice.


Extreme maneuverability for versatile vacuuming experiences


Being one of the great products from the Navigator lineup from Shark, the Navigator NV352 comes with the swivel steering feature, which lets you move your cleaner head from left to right relatively easily. Just tilt the handle in a certain direction to move the vacuum along the floor.


In addition, the product features the famous lift-away design. With this, you can easily turn your upright vacuum to its canister mode in just a few seconds. Simply step lightly on the cleaner head to fix it on the ground and then unlock the red switch to remove the detachable canister from it. After that, attach an extension wand or any cleaning tool and start cleaning, just like you would do with your canister vacuum.


Plus, thanks to its relatively light weight of only 12.5 pounds, the product is suitable for almost anyone to carry it around the house without experiencing any difficulties. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning your stairs as well as high places that require you to have a good reach.


Works well on multiple surfaces


As mentioned, with powerful motors, the product can generate impressive suction power. This allows the vacuum to work well on multiple surfaces without experiencing any difficulties. Hence, you can place the vacuum on your carpets, hard floors, upholstery, and more while enjoying the awesome vacuuming performance.


Also, the product features a motorized roller brush that helps you collect dust on thick carpets more effectively. If you’re dealing with hard floors, just turn off the brush so it won’t send the debris and dust flying around toward the back.


Moreover, the lift-away design lets you focus on more specific cleaning tasks like window crevices, sofas, drinking tables, and so on. With the help of the right attachments, which are included inside the package, you can deal with certain cleaning tasks more effectively. Pet hair on your bed, dust on the crevices in your sofa or upholstery, spider webs on the ceiling -- everything will be cleaned in a matter of seconds.




Useful additional features


And to make the vacuum even more effective while you do the cleaning, it comes with additional features. In the case of the NV352, you’ll first have access to a relatively long power cord of 25 feet -- enough to carry the vacuum around a large room without being bothered by the limited length.


In addition, the product comes with the unique cyclone vacuuming technology. This will ensure that dust and debris do not form a clog once they’re inside the dirt tank. Hence, you’ll maintain suction power for quite a while.


And with all that dirt inside the tank, you don’t want it to be redispensed into the air. With HEPA filters included, the Shark Navigator NV352 will keep the air clean for a very long time. Additionally, with the tightly sealed dirt tank, even the finest dust can’t get out of your vacuum



  • High-quality material that can withstand wear and tear
  • Great suction and features for effective cleaning on both hard floor and carpet
  • Extreme maneuverability for convenient cleaning


  • Heavy top which can fall while in upright mode

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That’s our opinion regarding the product. We hope you liked our Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352 reviews. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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